Violet Night MIUI 11 Theme: Download MTZ File

We are not quite sure why people call Purple as the “Widow colour”. It should not be true. Some people simply love this colour without even thinking of its meaning. If purple is notorious for its meaning, there’s an alternative colour: Violet.

Are you one of the Violet lovers? Take a look at this MIUI 11 theme! Enter the Violet Night! A theme created by Deddy S. Jump-packed with a nice combination of cheerful Violet colour and icon packs which blend nicely with the design.

Once installed, you can enjoy the cheerful of a blossoming lavender. On top of that, this MIUI 11 theme is perfect to use in the Dark Mode.

We love this theme mainly for its simplicity. However, other people’s opinions may vary.

Download Link

You can grab this theme directly from the official Mi Themes store. Launch up the Themes Manager app, search for “Violet Night”, then install it.

Couldn’t find it? Well, you can also grab its theme pack file (.mtz). You’ll need a Xiaomi Designer account or a custom Themes Manager app tho.

File name :
Version n/a | 410 downloads | Size: 11 MB


Take a look at these preview images and see how awesome this theme is.

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Violet Night MIUI 11 Theme: Download MTZ File 1
Violet Night MIUI 11 Theme: Download MTZ File 2


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this theme free? Yes, it is.

Who is the developer? The theme is made by Deddy S.

How to install the MIUI theme’s (.MTZ) file? Read our full guide on how to import MIUI themes downloaded from third-party.

Do I need to create backups? You don’t have to, but it is always a good practice to do.

I don’t really like this theme, any others? Yes, please check our MIUI Themes section to see other recommendations.

Is the MTZ file safe? We make no modification to the file. Scan it with your favourite antivirus software if you are not sure.

This theme is cool and I like it? Say thanks to its developer. All credits belong to the designer of the corresponding theme.

Enjoy! Credits belong to the creator of the theme.

Full Preview

Violet Night MIUI 11 Theme: Download MTZ File 3

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