S9 v3.0: MIUI 10 to Galaxy S9 Transformer Theme

S9 v3.0: MIUI 10 to Galaxy S9 Transformer Theme 1

Samsung Galaxy 9 was a flagship last year. Samsung has just recently announced its iteration, the Galaxy S10. However, the coolness of S9’s user interface captivates many users, still.

The Galaxy S9 is still an expensive device up until now. It is a flagship, obviously. Samsung’s custom Exynos processor runs under the hood giving the device enough horse power.

The coolness of S9 is still not worth its price, at least for some people including me. I still prefer to buy a Xiaomi device. Xiaomi’s flagship phones like Mi Mix 3 and Mi 9 are comparable to Galaxy S9. Nevertheless, the price of Xiaomi’s flagship is cheaper than what Samsung’s flagship is priced at.

True Mi Fans will always love MIUI! On the other hand, it is not wrong to have a taste of other device’s awesomeness on an MIUI device.

Thanks to the theme feature planted within MIUI ecosystem. Users of Redmi, Redmi Note, and Mi devices can change the look and feel of their devices through themes.

Anyone can design and create their own MIUI themes and share the themes with other MIUI users. Using themes is easier than flashing a custom ROM. It is the answer for those who are getting bored with the appearance of their devices.

We have posted several free MIUI themes available for download. Those awesome themes are products of generous theme creators.

If you haven’t yet, please check our MIUI Themes section by clicking the menu at the top of this page.

Now I’ll introduce you another free themes you can try.

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Meet the S9 v3.0! Created by Akash Sabiki, the S9 v3.0 is a free theme for Xiaomi phones running MIUI 10. Well, it also works on custom ROMs built based on MIUI such as Xiaomi.eu, MIUI Pro, Masik X, etc.

As what its name suggests, the theme brings the look and feel of Samsung Galaxy S9.

Combining styles of Galaxy S9 with Poco Launcher, the S9 really rocks your phone. The design and UI are pretty close similar to the real Galaxy S9.

Almost all of the interface have been themed. Default apps, notification shade, dialer, messages, Settings, and even YouTube are themed heavily.

Take a look at its preview and download the MTZ file after the jump.

S9 MIUI 10 Theme Preview

Download Theme MTZ File

The S9 Theme is available as third-party MTZ file. You will need one of following things to be able to apply third-party theme on MIUI:

  • A Xiaomi Designer Account
  • Mi Rape app or Mi Themer app (MIUI Theme Editor app).
  • A custom ROM with tweaked Themes Store app.

Read: How to install MIUI theme MTZ file.

Download the S9 MIUI 10 MTZ file from direct link below:

File name :
Version 3.0 | 4519 downloads | Size: 25 MB

Important! You will also need to download and to install Poco Launcher from Play Store here.

Credits: Akash Sabiki.

Do not also forget to check all other themes below.

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