Realme OS: Transform MIUI 10 to Color OS UI

Xiaomi is far superior in terms of creating and customizing skinned Android OS with its MIUI compared to Realme with its Color OS. The features and performances have been improved drastically especially in MIUI 10.

However, it is undeniable that some Mi Fans become bored with the looks and feels of MIUI.

That’s why Themes exist.

We have seen many MIUI themes released to resemble Apple iPhone iOS. Some users have their other preferences.

Some Mi Fans simply seek other alternatives. Just any alternatives as long as it’s good and awesome.

Meet Realme OS MIUI 10 theme. The theme features user interface design that looks like ColorOS running on Realme phones.

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Key Features

  • Custom Icons pack (200+ icons)
  • Themed Status Bar
  • Realme Dialpad
  • Realme Lockscreen
  • Themed Messages app
  • Themed Settings area
  • Realme Navigation bar in full screen display
  • Themed Home screen
  • Themed Whatsapp app
  • Themed Whatsapp Business app
  • Themed File Manager app
  • In-call screen
  • Themed Music player
  • Themed MIUI Forum app
  • Customized Themes app
  • Optimized system and regular bug fixes.
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Download MIUI 10 Theme

You can directly download and install Realme OS on your phone without installing Mi Rape or Mi Themer. Follow these steps:

Step 0. Open this page on your phone.

Step 1. Change your phone region to India. Follow this tutorial.

Step 2. Click the below link. It will redirect you to the Themes Store.

Version 1.0.4 [ 3713 downloads ]

Alternatively, search for “Realme OS” in the Themes store.

Step 3. In the Themes Store, click the “Download for Free” button.

Step 4. Wait until the download process finish.

Step 5. Click the green “Apply” button.


Theme Preview

Realme OS: Transform MIUI 10 to Color OS UI 1

Credits and thanks belong to its creator: Mastersuman007.

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