Realme ColorOS 6 MIUI 11 Theme: A Sleek UI Experience

Download ColorOS 6 MIUI 11 theme for any Xiaomi Mi, Redmi, and Redmi Note phones. Transform your Xiaomi or Redmi phone to look like a Realme phone with this well-designed MIUI 11 theme. Grab its theme pack file (.mtz) or visit the theme store link directly.

Realme is another newcomer to challenge Xiaomi in the budget-level segment. Its rapid growth in India and other developing countries is surprising. Realme is originally a sub-brand of Oppo and in the same umbrella as Vivo.

If Xiaomi has MIUI, Realme has ColorOS. Its latest version is currently v6. The company is readying ColorOS 7 for the 2020 release. Nevertheless, ColorOS 6 offers a charming user interface (UI) with distinctive styles.

Luckily, you can also experience the sleekness goodness of ColorOS 6 right on your Xiaomi or Redmi phones without having to install a custom ROM. Thanks to the theming feature coming within MIUI, we can now enjoy third-party UI styles through custom themes.

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Download Realme ColorOS 6 MIUI 11 Theme (.MTZ)

The theme is made by AL IKTIFA and is available in the official MIUI Themes store directory. You can search its name in the Themes Manager or click the following link to go there directly:

Prefer to sideload it manually through the Themes Manager? You can also download the theme’s pack file (.MTZ) and import it manually on your phone. You’ll need a designer account or a patched Themes Manager app.

Download MIUI 11 Themes .mtz file:

File name :
Version 11 | 2012 downloads | Size: 10 MB

How to install a .MTZ file? Read our full guide on how to import MIUI Themes (.mtz) file downloaded from third-party.

Theme’s Preview:

Realme ColorOS 6 MIUI 11 Theme: A Sleek UI Experience 1
Realme ColorOS 6 MIUI 11 Theme: A Sleek UI Experience 2

Credits belong to Realme and the designer of the theme.

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