Pure iOS 12 Pro: Another MIUI Theme Alternative Resembling iPhone XS

Personally, I still don’t understand the reasons of why some of Mi Fans change their default MIUI theme to look like an iPhone. The default theme of MIUI has a sleek interface design. I really like its style, fonts, and icons.

Currently, the main conjecture of mine is the feeling of past experience in using an iPhone. That’s it.

Whatever their reasons are, Xiaomi has managed to include advanced theming feature within the MIUI. Therefore, its users can easily change the default UI design without having to root and to flash Substratum.

We have seen several MIUI themes released to help users transforming their Xiaomi phones to look like an iPhone. Check some of them below:

Have you tried one of them above?

Well, here’s another one below; just in case they didn’t satisfy you.

Meet Pure iOS 12 Pro! A third-party MIUI Theme to transform your Xiaomi phone to an iPhone XS, not really literally of course. It only transforms the design of its user interface, not physically.

What have been themed?

  • iOS Lockscreen
  • Homescreen
  • Status Bar
  • Messages app.
  • Dialer and Contacts app
  • Instagram app
  • Music app
  • Play Store app (looks like iOS App Store)
  • and so on.
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The creator of this theme, Wahyudhaminus, stated that he got his inspiration from many similar themes. He used Kinoz iOS as the base theme.

The idea of improving and enhancing the previously available iOS-MIUI themes is brilliant. He looked at what missing and what to improve. As a result, the advanced iOS 12 MIUI theme has been released.

Hence, he dubbed his theme as Pure iOS 12 Pro.

Download MIUI Theme MTZ

The theme’s .mtz file is available below.

File name :
Version n/a | 10379 downloads | Size: 43 MB

This theme is for MIUI 10. Please do not attempt to apply it on MIUI 9 or MIUI 8.

This is a third-party theme. You need a Xiaomi Designer account to be able to import it directly via Themes app. Alternatively, you can use third-party apps such as Mi Rape or Mi Themer.

Read our previous guide on third-party MIUI theme installation trick here.

Preview screenshots:

Enjoy and do not forget to thank its creator.

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