Pure iOS 11: A Complete iPhone X MIUI Theme

This 61MB-size theme transforms any Xiaomi devices into an iPhone X. The MIUI theme converts any style, design, and default user interface of your Xiaomi phone to look like an iPhone elegantly.

Despite many people around the globe have started to love Android, many still love the style of iPhone’s UI. Apple ships creative UI design on all of its phones through the iOS system.

The same thing is actually done by Xiaomi. The style of MIUI is not far behind iOS. Nevertheless, some users have not moved on just yet. Ex-iOS fanboys usually feel it not easy to leave their user experience in the past.

The only option left is transforming the current Android phone to look like an iPhone. Luckily, Xiaomi has included a heavy theming feature out of the box within MIUI. Users will no longer need to rood their phone to apply any themes they want.

We have posted a popular MIUI-to-iOS theme called “iOS Alakadarnya“. The theme is so awesome and it gains heavy popularity among many Mi Fans. Nevertheless, there are many other similar theme offering similar features.

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Enter Pure iOS 11! The name really suggests what this theme is all about. The creator, m@mk, rolls out Pure iOS 11 to give an opportunity for Mi Fans to taste the coolness of iPhone X design.

Some key features of this theme include:

  • iOS Music
  • iOS Wallpaper
  • iOS Emoji
  • Boot Animation
  • iOS Lockscreen
  • and many other things have been themed.

Check out some cool illustration of this theme:

Pure iOS 11: A Complete iPhone X MIUI Theme 1
Pure iOS 11: A Complete iPhone X MIUI Theme 2
Pure iOS 11: A Complete iPhone X MIUI Theme 3

Download Theme’s MTZ File

The theme is designed for MIUI 9 Theme. Please do not attempt to apply it on MIUI 8 nor MIUI 10. On older version of MIUI 9, you might still be allowed to import the mtz file directly from MIUI Themes app. Alternatively, you can use either Mi Rape app or Mi Themer app to import the .mtz file on your phone.

File name :
Version n/a | 21546 downloads | Size: 58 MB

Have you tried this theme? How it goes?

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