Pixel 3 XL MIUI 10 Theme: Transform a Xiaomi phone to Google Pixel

MIUI themes occasionally act as transformation packs. It can transform a Xiaomi device to another device. We have seen iOS Alakadarnya, a theme to transform your MIUI phone to an iPhone. There are also similar themes such as Pure iOS 11 and Pure iOS 12.

Meet Pixel 3 XL MIUI 10 Theme! The name suggests exactly what it is. Made by one of Mi Fans known as Dar12ek, this theme inherits many looks and feels of the Pixel 3 XL – Google’s latest flagship phone.

The theme also features working calendar, hours, and weather widgets. These add more similarities to the original Pixel phone.

Why should I use this theme?

First, because Google Pixel is a popular Android phone. It is a flagship phone officially released by Google, Inc. Some people simply want to bring the level of coolness up to a higher level.

Second, using this theme is the easiest method to transform your Xiaomi phone to a Google Pixel device. Altering the style and design of Android UI is easier rather than flashing a custom ROM. There is one called Pixel Experience ROM in which the name has already told us about what it is.

Third, changing the style and appearance of your phone user interface is helpful in the situation of utter bored. Sometimes, you might feel that the current UI design was boring and you need to change it.

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Forth, because why not!

Download MIUI Theme MTZ

You can download the Pixel 3 XL MIUI theme file (.mtz) from the direct link below. The maker rolls out this theme for any devices running MIUI 10. It will not be compatible with older version of MIUI (8/9).

File name :
Version 07022019 | 9865 downloads | Size: 10 MB

Additional resource:

You may use following wallpaper image. Hence, your phone will have better resemblance to Pixel 3 XL phone.

File name :
Version n/a | 10881 downloads | Size: 628 KB

How to install? There are two methods to install MIUI .mtz file.

First, apply for Xiaomi Designer Team in the forum. Once you have been authorized as a Developer account, you will be able to use MIUI Themes app in-built within every shipped Xiaomi phone.

Second, you try using Mi Rape app or Mi Themer app.

Read also: How to install MIUI Theme MTZ file from third-party.

Screenshot pics:

Pixel 3 XL MIUI 10 Theme: Transform a Xiaomi phone to Google Pixel 1
Pixel 3 XL MIUI 10 Theme: Transform a Xiaomi phone to Google Pixel 2
Pixel 3 XL MIUI 10 Theme: Transform a Xiaomi phone to Google Pixel 3

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