P Cartoon MM: The Cartoon Edition of Google Pixel

Google Pixel device is a stunning Android phone made by the maker of Android itself. No wonder why it becomes so popular. Many developers have managed to port parts of its awesomeness.

Ported Google Camera (Gcam) is one of it. Moreover, Pixel’s user interfacce design and system have also been ported.

We have seen Pixel Experience ROM that brings the look and feel of Pixel phone to supported Xiaomi devices.

There are also several MIUI themes inspired by Pixel UI. Dark material, Simple Dark Flame, and Pure Android P are just few of its examples.

Now meet P Cartoon MM! An MIUI 10 theme inspired by Android 9.0 Pie available in Pixel phone. Wait! This theme is unique.

Just like what its name suggests. The theme is the cartoon edition of Android P user interface. It sports cartoon-ish icons pack. The fonts employed are also harmonic. They bring a combination of casual and geeky experience.

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The theme is released by one of Mi Fans known as 007ICEZZ.

How cool is this theme? Go check it out below!

MIUI Theme Preview

P Cartoon MM: The Cartoon Edition of Google Pixel 1
P Cartoon MM: The Cartoon Edition of Google Pixel 2

Download Theme MTZ File

Download the .MTZ file from the direct link below:

File name :
Version 10 | 1079 downloads | Size: 17 MB

How to install this theme?

You need a Xiaomi Designer Account to be able to import the MTZ file directly through Themes manager app.

Have no Mi Designer account? You can use either Mi Rape app or Mi Themer app.

Alternatively, using a custom MIUI ROM like Xiaomi.eu or MIUI Pro will also help. Xiaomi.eu MIUI ROM has modded Themes manager app that allows installing themes downloaded from third-party.

The most important thing: please do not install the theme on MIUI 8 or MIUI 9. The theme is created specifically for MIUI 10.

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