iOS 14 MIUI 11 Theme with Dual Dark Mode (MTZ)

iOS 14 MIUI 11 Theme with Dual Dark Mode (MTZ) 1

Looking for the best third-party theme for your Xiaomi Mi, Redmi, or Redmi Note phone running MIUI 11? Enter the iOS 14 MIUI theme! Designed with the full sleekness of Apple’s iOS 14 style, this MIUI theme is compatible with almost any Xiaomi phones running MIUI 11.

Once installed, this theme will transform the default design style of MIUI 11 into an iOS 14, the default user interface (UI) exists on the latest Apple iPhone 11 series.

Previously, MIUI 10 users had several options of iOS-like MIUI themes such as iOS Alakadarnya, Pure iOS 11, Pure iOS 12, iOS Dark Material, and so on. Once they’ve upgraded to MIUI 11, however, the options decrease.

Luckily, the creativity of Constantino leads us to a nicely-done theme called as the new iOS 14. This theme enhances your experience in using MIUI-powered phones, thanks to the iOS 14 UI and UX coming within his theme.

What makes his theme awesome is the existence of Dual Dark Mode. Users can choose whether to use the original Light theme or Dark Mode style.

Dark Mode becomes a trend lately. There are more and more apps bringing Dark style to its UI.

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Download iOS 14 MIUI 11 Theme

This theme is a third-party theme considerably. Currently, the theme is not available within the official Mi Themes Store (Zhutti).

That said, you need to manually download the theme file (.mtz) and import it manually within the Themes app. There is a caveat tho. Xiaomi Accounts which are not registered as Designer Accounts are unable to install themes downloaded from third-party. Luckily, there is always a workaround.

You can download iOS 14 MIUI 11 MTZ file from a direct link below:

File name :
Version 11 | 6877 downloads | Size: 20 MB

How to Install iOS 14 MIUI 11 Theme?

If you have a designer account, simply download the MTZ file and import it through the Themes app. Otherwise, you can use either Mi Rape or MIUI Theme Editor.

Can I install it on MIUI 11?

Yes of course! ROM has one advantage that is not available within the official MIUI 11 ROM: patched Themes app.

You can import (install) MIUI themes downloaded from third-parties directly via the Themes app even without a registered Xiaomi Designer Account.

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  1. Hi, you are the first i see to create a theme compatible with miui11 dark mode, i really appreciate your article and would like to study it for better understanding how to create a theme. Theme has some “errors” in displaying elements but it’s usefull for my studies. =) Thank you

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