iOS 12 Mix: Feel iPhone Experience on MIUI Phones

iOS 12 Mix: Feel iPhone Experience on MIUI Phones 1

One of the things we love about Xiaomi phones is its full support to third-party themes. Well, we mean that Mi Fans are given the opportunity to change the default look and feel of their Xiaomi devices.

The built-in Themes app available in every Xiaomi phone allows users to browse MIUI themes made by registered designers all around the world.

It’s just like a theme market but most of the themes available there are free.

Of course, there is also a section containing good wallpaper pictures.

However, some of great themes did not make it to the official MIUI Themes store. That doesn’t mean the theme isn’t good.

Sometimes its designer simply doesn’t have an account at Xiaomi Designer portal.

This newly coming iOS 12 Mix theme is a good example.

Shared by one of Mi Fans known as Rafael, the MIUI theme brings the looks and feels of iPhone iOS 12 into Xiaomi phones running MIUI 10.

iOS 12 Mix inherits all the goodness of similar themes such as Mi Bose. However, the developer has managed to add some modifications to its features.

Despite its minor additions, the theme looks promising to deliver iOS experience to Xiaomi phones.

Try it on Redmi Note 7 and you can transform it to a better look? Well, at least if you’ve just switched from an iPhone to an Android phone.

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Frankly saying, we love the default MIUI theme. If we have to switch style, we would go to the style of stock Android UI.

Anyway, you can grab iOS 12 Mix theme from the link below.

Download iOS 12 Mix MTZ

The files is available down below. It is convenient to download the MTZ file directly through your phone.

The file is hosted on our cloud server and is available as direct link.

File name :
Version n/a | 2956 downloads | Size: 16 MB

Please note! The theme’s MTZ file is for MIUI 10. Please do not attempt to apply it on MIUI 9, MIUI 8, or the later MIUI 11 (once released).

Alternative iOS-like MIUI themes:

Default Mi Themes app no longer supports importing themes downloaded from third-parties. Hence, you may need either a Xiaomi Designer account or apps that allow you to install MTZ file.

Some recommended ones include Mi Themer app and Mi Rape app.

Alternatively, you can easily apply the theme on a custom MIUI ROM such as MIUI ROM.

Enjoy! Do not forget to say thanks to its designer.

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