DOTA 2: A Cool MIUI 11 AOD Mod

DOTA 2: A Cool MIUI 11 AOD Mod 1

A sequel game of Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2 is another cool multiplayer game developed and published by Valve. We know there are many players of DOTA 2 around the world mesmerized by how cool the gameplay is.

DOTA 2 is basically another game in the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Such kinds of games become popular lately due to increasing Internet users around the globe.

The game is a community-created mod for World of Warcraft III (WOW 3) by Blizzard Entertainment. Hence, its success is predictably happening pretty good.

Now the question is, are you one of Mi Fans who is also a great fan of DOTA2?

Did I hear a “Yes”?

Well, you should try this MIUI 11 AOD mod which is a Magisk module.

MIUI 11 has introduced a new feature called Always On Display (AOD). The feature allows you to show off any cool pictures you want on the lockscreen displayed when the phone is locked.

Normally, the phone shows nothing in the locked state. MIUI 11 changes this behavior being more interesting and less boring.

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An XDA member with nickname Venasmeky has managed to create a cool Magisk module to add DOTA2 characters as your screen’s AOD.

This AOD is flash-able through the Magisk Manager app and is containing the DOTA2 logo and game characters.

DOTA 2: A Cool MIUI 11 AOD Mod 2

Download it from its original link hosted on Mega:!YHxR3a5K!UOTpwy0vW789Kxj4DgHVkTmYoknrNfv8i9TTQE_y7Hk

Alternatively, you can also grab it from the direct mirror link below:

File name :
Version n/a | 703 downloads | Size: 21 MB

How to install?

Simply download the zip file from the link above, then flash it through Magisk. You can also try to flash it through TWRP if your phone is not Magisk-rooted.

Read and follow our previous guide here.

Please note! Always On Display is a feature available since MIUI 11. Please do not attempt to flash it on MIUI 10.

Credits: XDA.


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