DC Justice League MIUI 11 Theme (Download .MTZ File)

Are you one of the freaking fans of DC’s superheroes series? Well, if happen to be one of you and you are also one of Mi Fans, this new MIUI theme is for you. Enter the Justice League theme for MIUI 11!

Experience a truly distinctive user interface on any series of Xiaomi Mi, Redmi Note, and Redmi phones with this custom MIUI theme, superhero-themed style.

Have all the thrilled experience of the heroic team right on your phone.

Released by Warner Bros, the Justice League movie was really a great hit although getting some sinister critiques comparing it with Marvel’s Avengers.

That was just probably related to the movie plots, scenes, and some technical stuff that cinematic guys could understand.

Other than that, the main characters compiled in the Justice League team are still charming.

Anyway, which Justice League member(s) do you love the most?

  • Superman, the most powerful hero in the world;
  • Batman, the apex of physical and mental human achievement;
  • Wonder Woman, the Amazon’s princess and greatest warrior;
  • Green Lantern, an intergalactic cop armed with his own power ring;
  • the super-fast Flash;
  • Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas; and
  • Cyborg, a half-man/half-robot outfitted with the world’s most advanced technology.

Personally, I love Superman and Aquaman. Luckily, both characters are in the main background of this theme’s lockscreen.

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Key Features

  • Dynamic wallpapers of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more.
  • Cinematic snazzy icon set.
  • Animated lockscreen.
  • Themed Clock.
  • Dynamic icons, all your icons will be themed.
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Download Link

This theme is an official MIUI 11 theme created by Mi India. You can grab this theme directly from the Mi Themes Store.

Try changing your local region to Global or India if you couldn’t find it there.

Alternatively, you can also download its standalone MIUI theme .MTZ file down below.

As usual, the file is available via a direct link hosted on our mirror servers.

File name :
Version n/a | 1704 downloads | Size: 10 MB

You’ll need additional steps to flash it tho. The stock Mi Themes Manager app prevents users to import themes downloaded from third parties unless they have a Designer account.


DC Justice League MIUI 11 Theme (Download .MTZ File) 1
DC Justice League MIUI 11 Theme (Download .MTZ File) 2


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this theme free? Yes, it is.

Who is the developer? The theme is made by Mi India.

How to install the MIUI theme’s (.MTZ) file? Read our full guide on how to import MIUI themes downloaded from third-party.

Do I need to create backups? You don’t have to, but it is always a good practice to do.

I don’t really like this theme, any others? Yes, please check our MIUI Themes section to see other recommendations.

This theme is cool and I like it? Say thanks to its developer. All credits belong to the designer of the corresponding theme.

Enjoy! Credits belong to the creator of the theme.


DC Justice League MIUI 11 Theme (Download .MTZ File) 3
DC Justice League MIUI 11 Theme (Download .MTZ File) 4

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