Dark Pie: Feel the Dark Android 9 Pie on MIUI 10

Replacing the default MIUI theme with another one is the fastest and the easiest way to feel a distinctive experience on using a smartphone. It saves time since users need no custom ROM.

Flashing custom ROM could be a pain in the *teeeeet*. This is because flashing another Android ROM has some negative risks. However, the risks are really worth it.

We should thank to the MIUI Developers team. Without the theming functionality, we might have to rent flash a custom ROM each time we want a different UI design.

Here it comes another theme to spice up the look and feel of your Xiaomi phones, either Redmi or Mi series. Enter Dark Pie, a nice elegant and dark theme for devices running MIUI 10.

Built based on Android 9.0 default UI design, the Dark Pie inherits similar design style. It was inspired by the Android Pie but it is the dark version.

Recently, dark UI has been quite a trend. Google has rolled out Dark mode for its Youtube app. Soon will be Chrome app and slowly starting to arrive on some apps.

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Shared by Affe05 in the global Mi forum, the theme receives many positive feedback. The teaser pics look promising.

Dark Pie Theme Design

Dark Pie: Feel the Dark Android 9 Pie on MIUI 10 1
Dark Pie: Feel the Dark Android 9 Pie on MIUI 10 2
Dark Pie: Feel the Dark Android 9 Pie on MIUI 10 3

See? Using the theme makes you feel like using an AOSP-based Android ROM. No one will ever wonder that you are still using MIUI actually.

Download Theme’s MTZ

Grab the theme’s .mtz file below.

File name :
Version n/a | 2869 downloads | Size: 13 MB

You may need apps like Mi Rape or Mi Themer to import and to apply the mtz file on your phone. You could also import it directly through the stock MIUI Themes app if you have a Mi Designer account.

Do you want to design your own theme? Try the Mi Theme Editor software on your computer and be creative.

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