Bose iOS v12.2: Beautifully Crafted MIUI Theme

Meet Bose iOS, the most beautiful MIUI 10 theme! Transform your current MIUI style to look like a real iPhone XS.

We have seen several MIUI themes with iOS design genre. Bose iOS is another one. It comes to challenge any other similar themes. The best part, while most of other themes do not manage to come in the official MIUI themes store, Bose iOS has succeeded.

The theme is designed and crafted to live by a designer in Mi Community known as Surya29. Many things of the MIUI have been themed within this release.

The original lockscreen has been replaced with iOS-like lockscreen. Not to mention how awesome is its home screen.

Default apps’ icons have also been themed heavily. Users will be spoiled by the captivating iOS icons. This itself makes the whole user experience better. The feel of using an iPhone presents in day to day usage.

Currently, the theme has managed to achieve version 12 with following enhancements:

  • Redesign: Status bar, WhatsApp, Notes, Music.
  • Fixed Battery Digit.
  • Fixed Settings icon bug.
  • Message Ui twicked.
  • Redesign : About Theme, Theme thumbnail, Updater.
  • Removed App Hotseat.
  • Fixed Folder BG, Play Store Color.
  • Fixed Lockscreen Flashlight bug.
  • And many more bug fixed..
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Download Theme MTZ

The theme is officially available in MIUI Theme store. You can search for “BoSe”. Alternatively, open this link in your phone:

Alternatively, the designer also provides a download-able .MTZ file for manual importing. Grab the theme’s mtz file below:

You may need an MIUI Designer account to be able to import the theme’s mtz file on the stock Themes app. Alternatively, you can use either Mi Rape app or Mi Themer app.


  • Theme for: MIUI 10
  • Designer: Surya29
  • MTZ File Size: 35.29MB

Credits and thanks belong to Surya29.

Some of its UI styles:

Bose iOS v12.2: Beautifully Crafted MIUI Theme 1
Bose iOS v12.2: Beautifully Crafted MIUI Theme 2
Bose iOS v12.2: Beautifully Crafted MIUI Theme 3
Bose iOS v12.2: Beautifully Crafted MIUI Theme 4
Bose iOS v12.2: Beautifully Crafted MIUI Theme 5

Enjoy! Do not also forget to check for other cool MIUI themes available below.

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