Android One DWM4 MIUI 11 Theme: Download MTZ File

Xiaomi is one of smartphone manufacturer companies joining venture with Google to release Android One devices. You may have heard of Mi A1, Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite, and Mi A3. All of those phones are running Android One operating system instead of MIUI 11.

The success of Mi A1 makes Xiaomi continue the Android One products. The company admits that some of its users prefer to use stock Android OS maintained by Google over the company’s skinned Android OS.

Android One comes with a completely different look compared to Xiaomi MIUI. Luckily, owners of Xiaomi phones running MIUI can now have Android One experience through either custom ROMs or custom MIUI themes.

While flashing custom ROMs requires specific knowledge and experience, using a custom theme does not.

Enter the Android One DWM4! It is a custom MIUI 11 theme that brings Android One styles on your MIUI phones.

The theme is created by a young theme developer with the nickname “The Hijab Girl”. It is a free theme available officially on the Mi Themes Store.

Download Link

Simply launch up the Themes Manager app then search for “Android One DWM4”. Install and apply the theme. That’s it. Recently, Xiaomi has removed the option on Themes Store to share the link to the theme’s page. Hence, you need to search for it manually.

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Couldn’t find it? It means your phone’s Settings is in a different region. Change the region to Global or Indonesia. Alternatively, you can also download its .MTZ file from the link below.

You’ll need a Designer account or a patched Themes Manager app to be able to install MIUI themes .mtz files downloaded from third-parties.

File name :
Version n/a | 1332 downloads | Size: 14 MB

Key Features

  • Styles and designs of Android One
  • Dark Mode Android One
  • Android One Icons
  • Transparent notification shade
  • Elegant Dark mode in all stock apps


Android One DWM4 MIUI 11 Theme: Download MTZ File 1
Android One DWM4 MIUI 11 Theme: Download MTZ File 2


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this theme free? Yes, it is.

Who is the developer? The theme is made by The Hijab Girl.

How to install the MIUI theme’s (.MTZ) file? Read our full guide on how to import MIUI themes downloaded from third-party.

Do I need to create backups? You don’t have to, but it is always a good practice to do.

I don’t really like this theme, any others? Yes, please check our MIUI Themes section to see other recommendations.

This theme is cool and I like it? Say thanks to its developer. All credits belong to the designer of the corresponding theme.

Enjoy! Credits belong to the creator of the theme.

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