Android 10 MIUI 11 Theme Brings Dark and Light Mode

Android 10 MIUI 11 Theme Brings Dark and Light Mode 1

Thanks to the most important feature of MIUI ROM: the theming function as part of the stock MIUI Launcher app. We now can enjoy the styles, looks, and feels of other skinned operating systems on our Xiaomi or Redmi phones.

Previously, we have seen OxygenOS 19, ColorOS 6, and Pixel Pro 11 themes which are basically available only on OnePlus, Realme, and Google Pixel phones respectively. We have even seen the iOS 14 MIUI 11 theme that brings iPhone’s style to Xiaomi and Redmi phones.

Enter the Android 10 MIUI 11 theme! This theme allows you to experience the UI styles of the stock Android 10 (AOSP) on Xiaomi phones (also Redmi) without having to install Android 10 ROM. It has a similar look to LineageOS 17 and any other AOSP-based ROMs.

It may not as similar to what is available on the Pixel phones. You can install Pixel Pro 11 instead.

You might not find anything fancy here. Nevertheless, it is a great theme for those who love stock Android styles. It offers simplicity, clarity, and sleekness.

Once installed, no one knows except you that your phone runs MIUI 11. Anybody else will think it as either LineageOS or Android One ROM.

Android 10 MIUI 11 theme also features Dual Modes. You can choose either to use the Light Mode or the Dark Mode. Sounds cool? Go ahead try it yourself.

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Android 10 Theme for MIUI 11 Preview

Android 10 MIUI 11 Theme Brings Dark and Light Mode 2
Dark Mode
Android 10 MIUI 11 Theme Brings Dark and Light Mode 3
Light Mode

Download Android 10 Theme for MIUI 11

This Android 10 theme for MIUI 11 is a free theme. Its creator, S21696, has managed to make the theme available officially in the MIUI Themes Store.

Simply launch up Themes Manager app, search for “Android 10”, and choose the one with similar preview images as above.

Alternatively, you can click the below link to go to the official Themes Store link directly:

Prefer to sideload the theme manually? We get you covered. You can also download its MTZ file (the theme pack file) and import it to your phone.

You may also need it if you have the creativity to modify it and develop your own distinctive theme.

File name :
Version n/a | 659 downloads | Size: 8 MB

The file is available from a direct link and is hosted on our servers. Enjoy downloading with your favorite download manager.

Frequently Asked Question:

Is this theme free? Yes, it is.

Who is the developer? The theme is made by S21696.

How to install the MIUI theme’s (.MTZ) file? Read our full guide on how to import MIUI themes downloaded from third-party.

Can I install it on Redmi Note 8, Redmi 8, Redmi Note 7? Any Xiaomi and Redmi phones running MIUI 11 are compatible with this theme.

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