Flash-able TWRP Recovery for Redmi Note 8 Pro codename Begonia

Flash-able TWRP Recovery for Redmi Note 8 Pro codename Begonia 1

Below, you can find mirror download links to grab all available (and working) builds of TWRP recovery for Redmi Note 8 Pro codename Begonia. We’ll try to update with the latest available version(s) once it becomes available for instance, the official TWRP.

Redmi Note 8 Pro is the upper series of Xiaomi’s mid-range devices. It comes boasting Mediatek Helio G90T (12nm) chipset with Octa-core CPUs consisting of 2x 2.05GHz Cortex-A76 and 6x 2.0GHz Cortex-A55 processors. Additionally, Mali-G76 MC4 GPU sits in next after those monster-ish CPUs giving enough horsepower for the device to play any graphic-demanding games.

Team Win Recovery Project, or TWRP in short, is a custom recovery acting as the key element to release the full potential of the phone. Once installed, TWRP replaces the stock MIUI recovery with a more powerful one.

As a result, users will be able to install third-party binaries, tweaks, mods, custom ROMs, custom Kernels, and almost anything flash-able through TWRP.

On top of that, flashing Magisk through TWRP becomes a standard in rooting Android devices including Xiaomi’s, Redmi’s, and Redmi Note’s series.

Download TWRP

Meanwhile, there are only unofficial TWRP recoveries for Redmi Note 8 Pro. We’ll update the article once the official one becomes available. Do not hesitate to remind us of this.

Wzsx150’s TWRP by LR.Team

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TWRP released by Wzsx150 is also known as Chinese TWRP. This recovery has only two language options: Chinese and English. The earlier is the default language despite you can change it easily following our guide.

File name :
Version 3.3.1-0 | 446 downloads | Size: 64 MB

Another variant:

File name :
Version 3.3.1-9.0 | 488 downloads | Size: 64 MB

Unofficial TWRP for Redmi Note 8 Pro

An XDA member, Agent_fabulous, has managed to release the unofficial build of TWRP recovery for Redmi Note 8 Pro. He customized the interface to have padding for the notch area of the phone.

Most importantly, the Data Decryption works as expected. This helps so much to avoid formatting the data partition.

File name :
Version 3.3.1-0 (build 1811) | 263 downloads | Size: 64 MB

Which One Should I Use?

The answer depends. Frankly, we suggest you go with the unofficial build by Agent_fabulous since you don’t have to bother with its default language. However, some custom ROMs may ask for a specific build of TWRP to use.

Next: How to flash TWRP and root Redmi Note 8 Pro.

p.s: All the TWRP flash-able .img files above are not for Redmi Note 8 codename Ginkgo. Please refer to our previous post if you look for it.


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