Stock MIUI Recovery for Redmi Note 8 (Codename Ginkgo)

Stock MIUI Recovery for Redmi Note 8 (Codename Ginkgo) 1

Being a flashing maniac is not a shame. Nevertheless, there would be a time for you to just say quit because of boring feelings. If this happens, TWRP as a custom recovery is no longer needed.

Thankfully, reverting back to the official Mi recovery is super easy. Simply download the recovery.img file and flash it through the Fastboot interface. You’ll need the flash-able stock recovery image file tho.

Below we provide you with the extracted MIUI Recovery for Redmi Note 8 codename Ginkgo.

Please be aware that the standard Redmi Note 8 (Ginkgo) is not the same as its Pro variant (Begonia). While Ginkgo comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, the Begonia boasts MediaTek Helio chipset.

All of these Mi Recovery files are for Ginkgo. Hence, please do not try to flash it on Begonia or else it’ll brick.

Download Mi Recovery for Redmi Note 8

The default MIUI recovery image file is originally available within the full ROM file. We extracted it. All of these files are original, untouched, and unmodified.

Because all the files are named as “recovery.img”, we need to put it in a compressed zip file. Hence, we can rename the files and we can upload them to our server in the same folder.

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We have three variants of Mi Recovery. All of them were extracted from different MIUI ROM.

Choose the one you need depending on which version of MIUI running on your Redmi Note 8.

Mi Recovery for Redmi Note 8 Global (MIUI 10):

File name :
Version miui 10 | 959 downloads | Size: 22 MB

Mi Recovery for Redmi Note 8 Global (MIUI 11):

File name :
Version miui 11 | 2690 downloads | Size: 22 MB

Mi Recovery for Redmi Note 8 ID / Indonesia (MIUI 11):

File name :
Version miui 11 | 916 downloads | Size: 22 MB

p.s: All of the above files are extracted from MIUI ROMs based on Android 9.0 Pie. Please do not flash it on MIUI 11 based on Android 10 (when it becomes available).

Please do not hesitate to remind us once the newer one exists.

How to install? The same as what you do when you install TWRP.

  1. Download the zip file and extract it on your computer.
  2. Copy the recovery.img file in the Platform Tools folder.
  3. Connect your phone to the computer using its USB cable.
  4. Issue these lines of command:
adb devices
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot devices
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot reboot



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  1. Good morning.
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    My phone is working fine.
    Is this just an update that I should unzip and install, or should I delete this file as I do not need it?

    Your help is most appreciated.
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