How to Install Orangefox TWRP on Redmi Note 8/8T

How to Install Orangefox TWRP on Redmi Note 8/8T 1

Orangefox Recovery Project has made its way to the hearts of many Mi fans around the globe. Thanks to its useful yet easy-to-use recovery ported from the already popular TWRP.

Frankly, the best rival of what so-called OFRP (OrangeFox Recovery Project) is Red Wolf which its development seems not bringing new builds lately.

It’s not all about new and more intuitive design offered by OFRP. Functions and features are the main selling point of this ported custom recovery.

This awesome project is made available by DarthJabba9 and MrYacha. There have been tens of smartphones officially supported by the official build of OFRP. Not to mention some unofficial ports of it, there are more devices to count for.

Redmi Note 8 (codename Ginkgo) and Redmi Note 8T (codename Willow) are two more lucky phones to have OFRP official build.

Both phones are basically identical devices except for one thing: NFC – Near Field Communication which is a short-range wireless technology.

Redmi Note 8T is more popular to sell in European countries such as in the UK, Spain, French, Italy, and so on.

Key Features

Having the official build of Orangefox installed on your Redmi Note 8/8T means you can enjoy following features:

  • Install (Flashing)
  • Backup and Restore
  • Format and wipe
  • Advanced Wipe
  • Reboot to System, Recovery, Bootloader
  • Latest TWRP commits
  • AromaFM installer
  • Password Protection
  • MIUI and custom ROMs supported
  • Built-in Magisk root
  • Built-in DM-Verity Disabler patch
  • Fox theme engine (choice of themes): black, dark, etc.
  • Choice of colour scheme
  • Choice of splash screens.

There are some more geeky features which flashing maniacs may love it.

Moreover, this project is completely Open Source. Its code is available for review at Gitlab, in case if you want to make modifications and build your own.


How to Install Orangefox TWRP on Redmi Note 8/8T 2

Flashing Guide

This tutorial outlines all necessary steps to flash Oragefox Recovery on Redmi Note 8 (Ginkgo) and 8T (Willow).

The procedure is proven safe and is easy-to-follow. However, we always urge you to create backups every time you’ll make modification on to your phone.

On top of that, make sure your phone has at least 65% battery power.

Let’s start things required prior to doing the main procedure. You’ll need:


Install Steps:

Step 1 – Disable Windows Drivers Signature Enforcement on your computer. Follow the detailed tutorial here.

Step 2 – Extract the Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Driver zip file ( and install it on C:\adb\.

Step 3 – Extract the Android Platform Tools zip file. You’ll then get a new folder named platform-tools with all the necessary files in it.

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Step 4 – Unlock the bootloader of your phone. Read the full guide on here. This process requires you to reset your phone and hence your data will be lost.

Step 5 – Enable USB Debugging. You might already enable it during the bootloader unlocking procedure. The settings might get deactivated if you use Cleaner and Security scanner app (the default stock apps in MIUI). Follow these steps:

Enable Developer Options? Go to:

Settings >> System >> About phone >> Tap the Build Number several times >> congratulation you are a developer.

Enable USB Debugging:

Settings >> System >> Developer Options >> enable the "USB Debugging" option.

Step 6Connect your Redmi Note 8/8T phone to the computer using its USB cable.

Step 7 – Open Command Prompt Window right in the Platform Tools folder. Follow this animated illustration below:

Enter Fastboot Mode Xiaomi

Step 8 – Now type the following command and hit Enter after each line to execute it.

adb devices
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot devices


A Practical Guide to Flashing TWRP on Xiaomi Mi A2 4

Step 9 – Copy Mauronofrio’s TWRP img file to the platform-tools folder (e.g: twrp-3.3.1-9-ginkgo-mauronofrio.img).

Step 10 – Rename the file from whatever it was to recovery.img to make it simpler. In most cases, you don’t need to type the .img extension, simply the “recovery” part.

Step 11 – Type in this command and hit Enter to execute it. This installs TWRP to your phone.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Step 12 – Reboot into TWRP recovery by typing this command but do not hit Enter just yet:

fastboot reboot recovery

Step 13 – Grab your phone then press the Power and Volume Up buttons together while hitting the Enter key on the keyboard. Your phone shall reboot into TWRP.

Step 14 – Do the swipe to confirm modifications.

Step 15 – Now transfer/copy the Orangefox TWRP zip file to the phone’s internal storage. Do this through Windows Explorer just like copying-pasting any files to a flash drive.

Step 16 – Tap the [Install] button on TWRP.

Step 17 – Find the Orangefox zip file you copied earlier. Tap on it to select it.

Step 18 – Do the swipe to flash action and wait until the process has finished.

Step 19 – Tap the [Reboot] menu then choose [Recovery]. Do not choose [System] just yet.

Step 20 – This time your phone shall reboot into Orangefox TWRP for the very first time.

Congratulation! You have installed Orange Fox recovery on your Redmi Note 8/8T successfully.

You can now play around with its menus and settings. Once done, you can choose [Reboot] then [System].

Run into trouble? Do not hesitate to write a command below.

Some users reported a bootloop situation. If that happens, download and flash vbmeta.img through OFRP interface.



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