5 Best MIUI 11 Themes for Redmi Note 8 and 8 Pro

Xiaomi has been at a great success since launching its sister brand, the Redmi. All Xiaomi phones released with Redmi as part of their names are under the company’s new brand. These including the newly launched Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro.

It is rather unusual for the company to release the Pro version of its Redmi Note series powered with MediaTek Helio chipset. The new technology breakthrough of MediaTek allows the company to produce a powerful yet very power-saving chipset. Xiaomi takes advantage of this reason and put the chipset in production under the hood of Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Both Redmi Note 8 and 8 Pro have been sold more than 10 million units in just three months worldwide. This achievement is not without a reason. On top of that, the Redmi Note series is the smartphone line up that always drives a great number of sales for the company.

Now the question is, are you one of those lucky Android users who own either Redmi Note 8 or 8 Pro? Since you’ve come to this page, we believe you are.

Need the easiest way to customize your Redmi Note 8/8 Pro phone? Well, the answer is simple: Change its default MIUI 11 theme!

Xiaomi MIUI ROM comes with its default launcher that features Themes.

Here is the list of 5 best MIUI 11 themes for Redmi Note 8 (codename Ginkgo) which is also compatible for Redmi Note 8 Pro (codename Begonia).

Let’s start the list, shall we?

1. City Night MIUI 11 Theme

5 Best MIUI 11 Themes for Redmi Note 8 and 8 Pro 1

This theme shows the cheerful of the night in common big cities. We believe this theme is suitable for users living in a metropolis city. The theme is also very easy on the eyes. Designer of this theme is Bigboom.

2. Pixel Pro MIUI 11 Theme

5 Best MIUI 11 Themes for Redmi Note 8 and 8 Pro 2

The name says what this theme is all about. Once installed, you can transform the looks and feels of your Redmi Note 8 to look like Google Pixel 4. You can download Pixel Pro v11 here.

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3. Black Kerupuk MIUI 11 Theme

5 Best MIUI 11 Themes for Redmi Note 8 and 8 Pro 3

Kerupuk is basically a local name of crisps or crackers. Hence, the overall style of this theme offers a crispy dark UI on your Redmi Note 8. It’s a very recommended theme! The designer of this theme is DATOK.

4. Nano MIUI 11 Theme

5 Best MIUI 11 Themes for Redmi Note 8 and 8 Pro 4

The Nano theme brings a clean and simple UI on your Redmi Note 8. Combined with the activated Dark Mode, this theme is perfect for those who like minimalistic UX design. The designer of this theme is Genx69.

5. Whither Dark v2 MIUI 11 Theme

5 Best MIUI 11 Themes for Redmi Note 8 and 8 Pro 5

This theme has a distinctive design style powered with a cool custom font. You can also enjoy a dark theme which is very easy on eyes. You can transform your Redmi Note 8 to completely new phone with this theme. This theme suits you if you combine it with Dark mode being activated. Its dark mode is not a pitch-black but rather soft. Download Whiter Dark theme here.

Wait, don’t you think we missed some download links? Well, indeed!

This is not because we did it on purpose. Instead, the Global Themes Store has removed the link-sharing feature. Hence, you have to open the Themes Manager app, tap on the search bar, then type and search for the theme’s name.

Have a Recommendation?

Of course, the above 5 themes are not the absolute best. We hand-picked the ones we believe them the best.

Please do not hesitate to suggest the themes you think theme perfect for Redmi Note 8 (and Redmi Note 8 Pro). Write it in the comment section below.

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