Redmi Note 7 Pro Firmware v10.2.8.0 (Flash-able ZIP file)

Redmi Note 7 Pro Firmware v10.2.8.0 (Flash-able ZIP file) 1

Some people are still confused between Android ROM and firmware. Moreover, different device makers have it owns way to call the shipped Android operating system.

Well, the two is basically similar but not exactly the same. While Samsung users like to call it as firmware, Xiaomi users prefer to call it as Android ROM.

ROM basically stands for Read-Only Memory. It usually refers to a hardware within a device where the set of system instruction is running. The set of system is called a firmware.

When people say they’re flashing a new ROM, it means they are flashing a new version of the firmware onto their phone. In short, the two terms are interchangeable.

In the world of third-party Android development community, the two terms refer to two specific things.

Within this subject, while the ROM refers to the part of Android OS that is developers-friendly and can be customized, the firmware refers to original updates operating on a deeper system level than normal software.

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Download Redmi Note 7 Pro Firmware Update

Below you can download the firmware update version for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro codename Violet.

You can flash this firmware along side with custom Android ROM on Redmi Note 7 Pro. This was developed originally to support LineageOS but this can also works with other ROMs.

This firmware was extracted from MIUI

File name :
Version | 553 downloads | Size: 400 MB

You’ll need an unlocked bootloader and TWRP custom recovery to flash it.

p.s: This is not a full Android ROM nor stock MIUI ROM.



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