Predator: A Fast and Efficient Kernel for Redmi Note 7 on Android 10 ROM

Predator: A Fast and Efficient Kernel for Redmi Note 7 on Android 10 ROM 1

There have been several custom Android ROMs available for Redmi Note 7 codename Lavender. Some of them are based on Android 9.0 Pie while the others are based on Android 10.0 Q.

The current version of MIUI 11 for Lavender is still based on Pie. We believe MIUI 11 to get Android 10 update in the near future.

Anyway, it is very challenging to install a custom ROM. It can give you another experience in using your phone. There are also some users who love to occasionally change the ROM running on their phone. They are usually so-called flashing maniacs.

But wait, are you one of them? It is cool to use another ROM than the stock MIUI 11, isn’t it?

Running a custom ROM not only gives you a distinctive experience but also allows you to have the latest version of Android which in this case is Android 10.

Guess what? You can tweak your phone even further with a custom kernel.

An Android kernel is basically a Linux kernel. It is low-level software that translates programming languages to a language that machines can understand. The machines, in this case, are Android devices.

The kernel is also highly involved in resource management. The kernel serves as the bridge between hardware and the software. It governs how each part of hardware works.

Download Predator Kernel

Predator kernel for Redmi Note 7 is a custom kernel featuring some of the finest tweaks and optimizations. Predator kernel also boasts new exclusive features that are never introduced before for Redmi Note 7.

This kernel is also compatible for Redmi Note 7S variant.

This kernel is built by an XDA member called Sohamsen. The idea behind this project is to bring a battery-friendly yet fast and efficient kernel. Its initial build is based on the upstreamed Linux kernel v4.4.207.

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You can download the flash-able zip file from the direct link below.

File name :
Version 1.0 | 585 downloads | Size: 16 MB

Key Features

The Predator kernel comes with the following super awesome features:

1. Introduced Exclusive Governors:

  • Intelliactive
  • Interactive X
  • Darkness
  • Interactive
  • Conservative
  • On-demand
  • Userspace, and
  • Power save

2. Introduced New Efficient I/O Schedulers:

  • Maple
  • Anxiety
  • Zen
  • Other Schedulers: CFQ, NO-OP, and Deadline

3. Thermal Mod Added(Thermal Profiling Based on Usage)

4. Core Control & Core Boost

5. GPU Control

6. Swap On & Haptic Feedback Control

7. Scheduler Tuning

8. TCP Congestion Algorithm: Cubic and Reno

9. Upstreamed and Latest 4.4.207 Kernel

Flashing Guide

Step 1. Unlock the phone bootloader (you already did this, didn’t you?)

Step 2. Download Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Driver and install it on your computer.

Step 3. Flash TWRP recovery or Orangefox TWRP on your Redmi Note 7.

Step 4. Download the Predator kernel zip file from the link above to your phone.

Step 5. Turn off your phone completely. Reboot into TWRP recovery by pressing the Power and Volume Up buttons.

Step 6. Choose [Install], then locate the Predator zip file.

Step 7. Tap on its file name to select it.

Step 8. Do the “Swipe to confirm flash” action.

Step 9. Reboot to System.

Step 10. Enjoy!

The installation process is super easy and straightforward. No need to wipe anything. On top of that, this kernel already supports Magisk Survival Patch. Hence, you don’t also need to re-install Magisk.


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