Patched Prog EMMC Firehose MBN for Redmi Note 7 (Lavender)

Patched Prog EMMC Firehose MBN for Redmi Note 7 (Lavender) 1

There are basically three variants of Redmi Note 7: China, India, and Global. Some people are still confused with the differences. Well, in case you didn’t know yet. Redmi Note 7 has lower Megapixel of its camera setup (12MP) while the Global and China variants have the same camera setup (48MP).

The only difference between Global and China variants is the MIUI version running on it.

Some people didn’t aware of these differences and they ended up flashing wrong MIUI ROM.

For instance, flashing MIUI China to Global Redmi Note 7 using its Recovery ROM. This may cause a bricked device.

Unbricking Redmi Note 7 is basically easy if you have an unlocked bootloader and access to the Fastboot mode.

Some unfortunate situations might cause you losing access to the Fastboot mode or the bootloader might have strangely got relocked.

If things getting worst with your device, bringing it to the nearest service point is the best solution. Some Mi Fans, however, live far beyond the authorized service center.

A DIY fixing method may come as life savior.

A couple of years ago, it is easy to unbrick a Xiaomi device through Emergency Download Mode (EDL Mode). Xiaomi eventually restricted access to this mode due to security reasons.

The test-point method became popular soon after the limited access to EDL mode. Recently, even the risky test-point method has also been restricted. Unless you have authorized Mi account, you won’t be able to flash MIUI ROM on a device with a locked bootloader.

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Download The MBN File

Luckily, third-party developers among some curious Mi Fans have managed to build a patched programmable EMMC Firehose MBN file to bypass Mi Account authorization process.

Using this file is not as simple as flashing a fastboot ROM through Mi Flash tool. You will still need a proper MIUI Fastboot ROM along with Qualcomm QPST Flashing Tool.

What is an MBN file? It is basically a multi boot binary firmware image used by a variety of Android devices including Xiaomi phones. The file contains binary data for a device’s memory partitions, such as the resources and power manager, secondary bootloader, AP bootloader, and trust zone.

You can download it from the following direct link. The file is very small in size and is crucial for a DIY unbricking process.

File name :
Version n/a | 17991 downloads | Size: 619 KB

Again, do not flash it through Mi Flash tool. You’ll need an official MIUI ROM for Redmi Note 7 with ARB4. This MIUI Fastboot ROM may also work.

Flashing this file through QPST Tool requires test-point method. Please make sure you know what you do.


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