Redmi Note 7 Firmware All Versions (Flash-able ZIP Files)

Redmi Note 7 Firmware All Versions (Flash-able ZIP Files) 1

Below you can download the latest version we have of MIUI Stable firmware file for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 codename Lavender. You can choose which versions of firmware depending on which Redmi Note 7 release you have: Global, Global Europe, China, or Global India.

MIUI firmware is not the same as MIUI ROM, despite we put this post under the ROM section. MIUI firmware is also not an OTA update package. Hence, its size is relatively small.

A firmware file is basically a set of low-level drivers which helps the Android operating system do whatever it wants to do. In a nutshell, MIUI firmware ships various things like Modem, Bluetooth, Bootloader, DSP and so on.

Since MIUI firmware is provided by Xiaomi directly, there is no way for modders to create their own firmware. This is simply because there is no sources for the firmware to let third-party developers build it.

Should I download and flash MIUI firmware?

Basically, the firmware comes directly bundled within an MIUI ROM. Hence, if your Redmi Note 7 runs the official MIUI ROM, you won’t definitely need to download and to install it again.

You may need it only if you run a custom Android ROM and the ROM doesn’t ship with the firmware extracted from MIUI. The custom ROM might already have the firmware but it’s not the latest version.

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Download MIUI Firmware for Redmi Note 7

Pick the correct zip file(s) according to your Redmi Note 7 variants.

For your information, there are basically several Redmi Note 7 variants released by Xiaomi. All of them boast similar key features and hardware specifications. Their codenames are basically also similar, the Lavender.

You can download the MIUI firmware file from mirror direct links below:

Lavender Global

File name :
Version | 1003 downloads | Size: 61 MB
File name :
Version | 1186 downloads | Size: 61 MB

Lavender Global Europe

File name :
Version | 168 downloads | Size: 61 MB
File name :
Version | 257 downloads | Size: 61 MB

Lavender Global India

File name :
Version | 135 downloads | Size: 61 MB
File name :
Version | 124 downloads | Size: 61 MB

Lavender China

File name :
Version | 51 downloads | Size: 61 MB
File name :
Version | 95 downloads | Size: 61 MB

Please be aware! These files above are NOT for Redmi Note 7 Pro codename Violet.

All the firmware files are extracted directly from the official MIUI ROM. Credits and thanks go to the Firmware Updater project.

You will need a custom recovery to flash the zip file.


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