Jelly Kernel Brings Stellar Battery Life to Redmi Note 7

Jelly Kernel Brings Stellar Battery Life to Redmi Note 7 1

Download Jelly Kernel Alpha for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 codename Lavender from the direct link below. This custom kernel offers stellar battery life while keeping system performance flawless.

The rapid growth of third-party Android development helps enthusiast users to enjoy many cool things considered not standard and not available within the stock system. Custom Android ROM is the most popular tweak installed to replace the default operating system running on a phone. The stock OS running on Xiaomi (and Redmi) phones is MIUI, the skinned version of Android OS.

Another customization that is getting attention recently is custom Kernels. A kernel in the Linux-based system is similar to a driver on a Windows-based system. It is a low-level software useful to translate programming languages to the language a machine can understand. This machine is a set of hardware building our phones, in this case.

Previously, we posted a custom kernel for Redmi Note 7 known as Evira Kernel. Apparently, Evira is not the only custom kernel available for the device having codename Lavender.

Enter the JellyKernelAlpha! Created by Airidosas252, the Jelly Kernel Alpha is a custom Android kernel made with power efficiency in mind while keeping a stable performance.

The kernel mainly consists of stock roots with additional perks. As claimed by the creator, Jelly Kernel can deliver a great balance between stellar battery life and good performance on Redmi Note 7.

This custom kernel is compatible with almost any custom ROMs based on Android 10 Q. It should work with some bugs on the stock MIUI ROM based on Android 9.0 Pie.

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The developer has not mentioned the full key features of Jelly Kernel. Nevertheless, the most special features of this kernel for Redmi Note 7 are stability, overclock, and the latest kernel source.

Download Jelly Kernel Alpha

JellyKernelAlpha v20191212 changelog:

  • Based on Linux 4.4.206 kernel;
  • Reverted back to power save governor for ram/bus bandwidth modulation;
  • Initial Sultan’s optimizations.
File name :
Version 20191212 | 635 downloads | Size: 16 MB

JellyKernelAlpha v20191208 changelog:

  • Upstreamed to Linux 4.4.206 kernel;
  • Reverted buggy Wi-Fi drivers to Pie tag (fixed Wi-Fi speeds);
  • Stabilized screen’s refresh rate (latency should be reduced);
  • Disabled OC;
  • Increased memory/bus bandwidth to LITTLE cluster for better snappiness;
  • Small UV for both CPU and GPU (~34mV).
File name :
Version 20191208 | 86 downloads | Size: 16 MB

How to Install?

Nothing fancy. You just need to flash it through TWRP and that’s it. Here’s the sequence you can follow:

Step 1. Unlock the bootloader of your phone.

Step 2. Download the Jelly Kernel zip file from the link above to your phone.

Step 3. Flash either TWRP or Orange Fox recovery on your Redmi Note 7. We believe you did it already if you have a custom ROM running.

Step 4. Reboot to recovery by pressing the Power button and the Volume Up button.

Step 5. Choose Install then locate the Kernel zip file.

Step 6. Tap on the zip file to select it, then do the “Swipe to confirm flash” action.

Step 7. Reboot to the system once done.



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