Effortless Steps to Install Xiaomi.eu MIUI ROM on Redmi Note 7

Effortless Steps to Install Xiaomi.eu MIUI ROM on Redmi Note 7 1

Master this trick to easily flash Xiaomi.ee Multilingual MIUI ROM on Redmi Note 7 codename Lavender. For many Mi Fans, Xiaomi.eu ROM provides the best alternative of the mobile Android system running on their devices.

Xiaomi.eu is basically a custom ROM that employs MIUI ROM as its base. The developers employ MIUI China Developer build to cook the ROM. There are several advantages of this ROM over the official MIUI ROM.

First, Xiaomi.eu ROM has faster updates, more features, and more secured system compared to the MIUI Global build. This is due to update interval of the official MIUI China build which is faster.

Second, it has more languages compared to the China MIUI ROM. Users can freely choose their local language for the main user interface. English, Chinese, Spain, France, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, etc.

Third, it also has OTA Update mechanism. While not all custom ROMs have such feature, Xiaomi.eu MIUI ROM has it.

Fourth, unlike the official MIUI ROM, Xiaomi.eu’s has no single advertisement displayed. You will see no ads that you usually see on built-in MIUI apps such as File Manager, Themes, Music, Videos, Browser, etc. There is no suggested apps as well.

You will get a sleek ad-free user experience while still enjoying the beloved MIUI ROM.

Lastly, its Themes manager app has been patched. Default Themes app in the official MIUI prevents you to import and to use third-party themes except for registered Mi Designer account.

Thankfully, using Xiaomi.eru ROM you can freely install any MIUI theme’s .mtz file. Choose the MIUI themes you want, download it, and install it directly within the built-in Themes manager app.

Well, all the key features mentioned above are just part of its awesomeness. There are more features shipped within the ROM.

Before we begin, we would like to remind you few things. First, do not forget to create backups of all your important files and data. The process required unlocked bootloaders. This alone demands you to do a factory reset.

Furthermore, we hold no responsibility of any risks and damages that may happen to your phone. Please proceed with caution.


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Step 1. Unlock your phone bootloader following this guide.

Step 2. Follow our guide to install LR.Team TWRP on Redmi Note 7. Follow all the mentioned steps to get the recovery installed. You don’t need to install Magisk yet to get root at this point.

Step 3. Turn off your phone completely. Once it’s off, press and hold Power key and the Volume Up key simultaneously to boot into TWRP Recovery.

Step 4. You may need to do the “Swipe to allow system modifications” if this is your first time booting into TWRP. You should now enter the main menu of TWRP.

Step 5. Now from the main menu, choose Wipe > Format Data. Proceed to format the /data partition. Please note! Never wipe System and Persist. Otherwise, you may end up in a bootloop situation.

Step 6. Now connect your phone to the computer using its USB cable.

Step 7. Transfer/copy the downloaded Xiaomi.eu ZIP file to the phone internal storage. It is better to place it in the root directory (not inside any folder).

Step 8. In TWRP, go back to the main menu then choose Install.

Step 9. Next, locate the Xiaomi.eu ZIP file that you have copied earlier. Tap on it to select it.

Step 10. Do the “Swipe to confirm flash” action.

Step 11. Sit tight and wait for the TWRP to do its job.

Step 12. Once done, go to the main menu and choose “Reboot“. Reboot into System.

Step 13. Sit tight and wait for the newly installed Xiaomi,eu ROM to set itself up. It may take longer than usual booting.

Step 14. Once done, you may need to setup your Google account and Mi account.

Step 15. Enjoy..

It’s that simple.

You can then root your phone by flashing Magisk. Simply download the latest Magisk zip file to your phone storage. Reboot into TWRP recovery following steps mentioned above, than flash Magisk ZIP file.

That’s all. Please do not hesitate to drop us comments below.


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  1. I had wiped every partition except internal, USB and SD. Along with xiaomi.eu ROM, I flashed Lazyflasher and I ended up in a bootloop, twrp gone, and bootloader locked! Any suggestion how to avoid such condition?

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