An Easy Way to Flash Pixel Experience ROM on Redmi Note 7 Lavender

An Easy Way to Flash Pixel Experience ROM on Redmi Note 7 Lavender 1

Do you want to transform that glorious Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 running whatever MIUI build it is to a pure Google Pixel-like Android OS? Pixel Experience ROM is your friend.

Pixel Experience is an AOSP-based ROM bringing a slice of Pixel taste to other non-Pixel devices. Luckily, the ROM is available for many of Xiaomi phones including the Redmi Note 7 codename Lavender.

The ROM is basically available in two flavors: AOSP and CAF. Currently at the time of writing, Redmi Note 7 receives only its AOSP-based ROM.

There are not many differences though. It’s just a matter of taste.

Are you ready?

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How to Install Pixel Experience of Redmi Note 7

Before we begin, it is our duty to remind you something.

Nobody forces you to flash anything mentioned in this page. We hold no responsibility for any damage or any risks that may happen to your phone. Please proceed with caution.

Create backups of your crucial files and data. The process is basically safe but we cannot guarantee anything. Good things and bad things always happen.


  1. You will need a Windows computer either a PC or a Laptop. Windows 8/8.1/10 64-bit is recommended.
  2. A USB data cable. Make sure it’s a data cable and not a charging-only cable.
  3. Download Xiaomi ADB & Fastboot driver on your computer.
  4. Download Android Platform Tools r28.0.1 (zip).
  5. Download either TWRP or OrangeFox recovery for Redmi Note 7 (img).
  6. Download Pixel Experience ROM for Redmi Note 7 (zip).
  7. Download Magisk root (zip) – only if you want to root.


Step 1. Disable Windows Drivers Signature Enforcement on your computer. We have the detailed tutorial here.

Step 2. Extract Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Driver zip file ( and install it on your computer. This should finish in seconds. Make sure you install it on C:\adb\. This step is necessary to install ADB Fastboot system-wide.

Step 3. Extract the on your computer. You’ll get a folder called “platform-tools“. This step is important to make sure you use the latest version of ADB-Fastboot.

Step 4. Unlock the bootloader of your phone. Read the full guide on how to unlock MIUI bootloader officially here. Please be aware that the process requires you to reset your phone. All your data will be lost.

Step 5. Flash TWRP custom recovery. You can follow this guide or this guide to flash TWRP or this guide to flash Orange Fox. We recommend you to go with Orange Fox tho.

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Step 6. Now turn off your phone completely. Once it’s off, press the Power button and Volume Up button simultaneously. This will reboot your phone to recovery mode entering either TWRP or Orange Fox.

Step 7. You may need to do “Swipe to allow system modification” action. If this is your first time entering recovery mode.

Step 8. Form the main menu, choose “Wipe” then “Advanced Wipe“.

An Easy Way to Flash Pixel Experience ROM on Redmi Note 7 Lavender 2

Step 9. Choose the following partitions: system, data, cache, dalvik/art cache.

An Easy Way to Flash Pixel Experience ROM on Redmi Note 7 Lavender 3

Step 10. Do the “Swipe to wipe” action and proceed accordingly.

Step 11. Connect your phone to the computer using its USB cable.

Step 12. Copy the downloaded Pixel Experience ROM zip file to your phone. Put it anywhere inside phone’s internal storage. We recommend you to put it in the root directory (not inside any folder). You may also copy the Magisk zip file if you want root access later.

Step 13. Go back to the main menu of TWRP then choose “Install“.

Step 14. Locate the ROM zip file you have it copied earlier. Found it? Tap on it to select it.

Step 15. Do the “Swipe to confirm flash” action. In Orange Fox, this is displayed as “Swipe to Install“.

Step 16. Sit tight and wait for the recovery to flash the zip file. Once done, go back to the main menu of TWRP.

Step 17. Choose “Install” again.

Step 18. Now locate the Magisk zip file that you copied earlier. Tap on its file name to select it. Of course, you can skip this and go directly to Step 20.

Step 19. Do the “Swipe to confirm flash” action again.

Step 20. Sit tight and wait for the recovery to flash the zip file. Once done, reboot your phone. Simply choose “Reboot” then choose “System“.

Voila! You have successfully flashed Pixel Experience ROM on Redmi Note 7. Initial booting time may take longer than usual.

You don’t need to flash any GApps package since PE ROM already has it built-in.

Once you are in the system, go ahead and set up your Google Account.

Anyway, there is the Plus Edition of Pixel Experience. You can download the PE Plus ROM for Redmi Note 7 here.

Ran into difficulties? Do not hesitate to drop a comment below.

Flashed successfully? Tell your experience also down below.


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