Evolution X: Transform Redmi Note 7 to A Pixel Device

Evolution X: Transform Redmi Note 7 to A Pixel Device 1

There are several custom Android ROMs bringing the look and feel of Android UI found in Google Pixel devices. People are still getting amazed with the latest Pixel 3 and 3XL phones but recently the Pixel 4 has been set to be available globally soon.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi has announced the coming of Redmi Note 8 and 8 Pro yesterday. Phones in the Redmi Note series never fail Xiaomi to generate great sales and generous digits of revenue.

This success can be accredited to the support of third-party Android development. The unlock-able bootloader and the released device kernel make third-party development possible.

Custom Android ROMs are the popular one to flash among any other third-party development goodies.

Redmi Note 7 also receives a number of tweaks and mods, including custom ROMs. Previously, we have seen Pixel Experience Plus, Resurrection Remix, HavocOS, and few others.

Now behold for Evolution X! Its main concept might be similar to the Pixel Experience. However, the Evolution X comes with more than that.

Evolution X aspires to provide a clean and subtle AOSP Android experience that emulates Google Pixel. Currently, the ROM is based on Android 9.0 Pie but it already ships with the upcoming Android 10 Q user interface (UI).

This surely a refreshing experience. We believe the Evolution X ROM is the best alternative to look at when the official MIUI gets you bored. Furthermore, the ROM is also perfect for flashing maniacs.

Evolution X for Redmi Note 7 Key Features

– Pixel Animation Toggle
– Invert Layout
– One-Handed Mode
– Navigation Gestures
– Portrait/Landscape Hight/Width Configurations
– Pulse (Navbar Audio Visualization)

– Clock Settings
– Clock Font’s & Colors
– Battery Icon Customization
– EvoX Icon Toggle (39 Styles)
– Roaming Icon toggle
– VoLTE & 4G Icon Toggle

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Quick Settings
– QS Rows & Columns Customization
– Tile Titles Toggle
– QS Panel Color’s (RGB picker)
– QS Panel Opacity Selector
– Quick Pulldown (Right/Left)
– Bottom Brightness Slider Toggle
– QS Animations
– QS Styles (24 Including QDP4 Styles)

Ambient Display
– Music Ticker & Visualization Options
– Ambient Display Gestures (Hand Wave, etc.)

– Status bar visibility toggle
– Clock Styles (14 Including Q Clock)
– Clock Font Sizes & Colors
– Date/Alarms/Zen Hider

– Wallpaper/Light/Dark switching
– Accent’s (16 Including Q Accents)

– Heads Up Notification & less Annoying Toggle
– Notification Timeout
– Snooze timer
– Stoplist & Blacklist for Heads up
– Smart Notification Sounds
– Kill App Button
– In-Call Vibrations
– Q Style Seek Bar

Buttons and Gestures
– AOSP & Fingerprint Gestures
– Power Menu Customization
– Volume Key Cursor Control
– Volume Key Playback Control
– Volume Panel Placement (Right/Left)

– Doze Settings & Profiles
– Time In State Monitor
– Sensor Block Per Package
– Default USB Config
– Wake On Plug

Download The Flash-able ZIP

You can grab the flash-able zip file from the link below. The file is unmodified, untouched, and original.

The Evolution X build available below is the official one built by zakaryan2004.

File name :
Version 2.0 (20190829) | 258 downloads | Size: 1 GB

How to install? Read our complete guide on how to flash Evolution X on Redmi Note 7.

How cool is this Android ROM? Check them out!


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