All TWRP Variants for Redmi Note 6 Pro (Codename Tulip)

Below we list all available TWRP custom recoveries for Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro. The phone is also known as Tulip. You can know more about the codenames of all Xiaomi phones here.

Tulip is the iteration of Whyred a.k.a Redmi Note 5 Pro/Ai. It sports similar hardware specifications except the overall design is different.

Hence, Xiaomi also implement Anti-rollback Protection on this device.

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It is a special phone and it also need a special recovery.

Xiaomi is popular for its developer-friendly devices, including the Tulip. The Android development community has been flourishing with the coming of custom recoveries and hence custom Android ROMs.

Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) is the most popular custom recovery for all Mi Fans around the globe. Thanks to its touchscreen ability and its users’ friendly interface.

The rapid development of Android’s custom modders creates a variety of choices.

For you who are being lucky enough to hand on the phone, here there are some unofficial TWRP recovery proven compatible with Redmi Note 6 Pro.

All TWRP Variants for Redmi Note 6 Pro (Codename Tulip) 1


TWRP by Shivam Kumar Jha:

This is a near-perfect port of TWRP for Tulip device. It has anything that you need except for a single bug: the /data decryption feature does not work properly. The developer used Android’s prebuilt stock kernel.

Credits belong to team and Shivam.

File name :
Version build 20181214 | 478 downloads | Size: 37 MB

TWRP by Mr. R00t:

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Its nickname explains what the owner’s hobby is. Sayad1, a senior member on XDA has managed to release another variant of TWRP.

File name :
Version 3.2.3-v3 | 246 downloads | Size: 40 MB

The name of this game’s creator is a little bit fishy.

TWRP by ATG Droid

ATGDroid is a popular custom recovery developer. He is also known for its popular creation: Red Wolf Recovery Project. You can download the image file of the unofficial twrp ATG Droid:

File name :
Version 3.2.3-2 | 279 downloads | Size: 36 MB

Key Features:

  • MTP support
  • USB OTG storage support
  • ADB root
  • Full SELinux support
  • Support for Asian languages
  • Included logd/logcat support
  • Support for mounting USB storage – Mount -> Mount USB Storage in recovery menu.
  • Hardware Qualcomm-based full-disk encryption support ( ext4 & f2fs )
  • ext4, f2fs, NTFS, fat file system support (read, write, format, backup & restore)
  • Covers more partitions for nandroid backup and the backup/restore of them really works!
  • Always synced with signatures from Android platform, so you don’t have to worry about the signature mismatch on MIUI incremental OTA installationCovers more partitions for image installation, including System, Vendor, Cust, Cache, Userdata, persist, persistbak, boot logo, modem firmware, and even Bluetooth firmware

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