Orange Fox Recovery for Redmi Note 6 Pro (Tulip)

Orange Fox Recovery for Redmi Note 6 Pro (Tulip) 1

Again, this time I share the most favorite custom recovery that I use in almost all Xiaomi devices. Meet Orange Fox Recovery Project! It is basically a ported version of the official TWRP. There are some additional bonuses added within this modded version. Hence, I can say that OrangeFox is more advanced and feature-rich than TWRP.

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Orange Fox Recovery Project (OFRP) is the iteration of Red Wolf Recovery Project, except its developers are different.

The OFRP features most common binaries within its package. Magisk root, Magisk uninstaller, AromaFM, and Google Sans are just few of the examples. It is unclear why they removed Camera2 API and SuperSU from the addons.

Key Features of Orange Fox TWRP:

  • It supports stock MIUI ROM and custom ROM.
  • It is compatible with Treble and Non-treble ROM.
  • It has better compatibility with TWRP.
  • Built-in Magisk root.
  • Flashlight.
  • Password protection mechanism.
  • It supports MIUI OTA update.
  • Alternative lockscreen.
  • Fox theme engine.
  • Data decryption.
  • etc.

Download OrangeFox Recovery

You can download Orange Fox TWRP vR9.0 for Redmi Note 6 Pro (codename Tulip) from the below link.

Since every custom recovery is device specific, you cannot flash it on other devices but Tulip.

File name :
Version r9.0 | 2832 downloads | Size: 42 MB

The file is original, unaltered, and unmodified.

How to install? Read this tutorial on flashing Orange Fox on Redmi Note 6 Pro.

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What was changed within v9.0?

  • Major UI redesign, new OrangeFox logo.
  • Support for disabling auto-reboot after incremental MIUI OTA updates.
  • Updated the flashlight section (support more devices).
  • Updated the led section (support more devices).
  • Leds are now used correctly.
  • Added green led feature (for devices that support it).
  • Updated notch mode – now statusbar settings for devices with a notch are hidden.
  • Fixed bug when welcome text can’t be translated.
  • Fully rewrote all translations from scratch – by our Crowdin page (thank to all translators).
  • Fixed problem with formatting MicroSD cards to FAT/vFAT.
  • Improved MIUI detection.
  • Improved Treble detection.
  • Updated Magisk, Magisk Uninstaller to 18.1.
  • Added support to patch DM-Verify in new devices.
  • Updated mkbootimg / unpackbootimg.
  • We drank coffee and tea.
  • Added magiskboot as alternative (enable when building).
  • Added feature “Prevent auto reboot after installing OTA”.
  • Fixes in MIUI OTA mechanism.
  • Removed SuperSU, Cam2API.
  • Extended info in console.
  • Support give info after decryption.
  • Fixed load settings with FBE.
  • Support non-Xiaomi devices as well
  • Added bash shell.
  • Fixed issues relating to ramdisks compressed using lzma compression.
  • Busybox xz and lzma replaced with stand-alone versions – better compatibility and speed.
  • Support toolbox / toybox.
  • AromaFM moved to “/sdcard/Fox/FoxFiles/”.
  • Copy recovery log to /sdcard/Fox/ directory before every reboot.
  • Many bug fixes.

Credits and thanks to OFRP developers: darthjabba9 and mryacha.


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