Easiest Way to Flash TWRP on Redmi Note 6 Pro Tulip

This is the easiest guide for you – I swear for that. You can now flash TWRP on Redmi Note 6 Pro without ever worrying about typing some geeky commands.

Thanks to the one-click TWRP flasher tool created by Sapneela. The tool removes the hassle of flashing the official build of Team Win Recovery Project on the Xiaomi device codename Tulip.

Since I really want to show you on how easy it’d be, I will cut the long way down and I’ll go straight to the point.

Let’s start,..

Wait, I’ll respect the code of conduct first. Please remember that I hold no responsibility of any nuclear war, a bricked device, or a damaged device as a result of this tutorial. Please proceed responsibly.

How to flash TWRP on Redmi Note 6 Pro

Step 1. Unlock your phone bootloader. It is a must. You won’t be able to flash a custom recovery unless you have unlocked the bootloader.

Feel free to follow this guide.

Step 2. Download Xiaomi ADB Fastboot driver and install it on your computer. I suggest you to install it in the drive C:\adb\.

Step 3. Download TWRP Flasher tool for Redmi Note 6 Pro.

Step 4. Extract the TWRP Flasher tool on your computer. Use either WinRar or 7Zip.

Easiest Way to Flash TWRP on Redmi Note 6 Pro Tulip 1

Step 5. Grab your phone and enable Developer Options:

Go to Settings >> About Phone >> Tap the MIUI Version several times (7x approx) >> Congratulation, you are developer now.

Step 6. Enable USB Debugging option:

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Go to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Developer Options >> USB Debugging >> toggle it on.

Step 7. Reboot your phone into bootloader / fastboot mode. Doing so is simple. First, turn off your phone completely. Second, as soon as it is off, press and hold the Power key and Volume Down key simultaneously. You will then see the Fastboot bunny logo displayed.

Step 8. Now connect your phone to your PC using its USB cable.

Step 9. On your computer, right-click the “twrp-installer.bat” file and choose “Run as administrator“.

Easiest Way to Flash TWRP on Redmi Note 6 Pro Tulip 2

Step 10. Press any key on your keyboard to initiate the tool.

Easiest Way to Flash TWRP on Redmi Note 6 Pro Tulip 3

Wait for the tool to finish its job.

Step 11. Once done, press any key again. Your phone will automatically reboot into recovery mode.

Easiest Way to Flash TWRP on Redmi Note 6 Pro Tulip 4
Easiest Way to Flash TWRP on Redmi Note 6 Pro Tulip 5

Step 12. Now in the TWRP interface, “Allow System Modification” by sliding the provided slider.

Voila! You have successfully flashed TWRP on Redmi Note 6 Pro.

From here, you are free to flash almost anything. For instance: flashing Magisk to gain root access, flashing a custom ROM, flashing mod, flashing Camera2 API enabler, and so on and so forth.

Should you have any questions, please have no doubt to ask in the comment section below. It’s free and its costs you no money.

P.s: If you have a hard time booting into normal mode after flashing TWRP, download and flash the No DM-verity via TWRP.


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