Red Wolf Recovery Project (RWRP) for Redmi Note 5 Pro/Global/China Codename Whyred

Download RWRP Recovery for Redmi Note 5 Whyred (37MB IMG) – Here is the direct hotlink to obtain the flash-able image file of the official Red Wolf Recovery Project for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Whyred. The file is hosted on our mirror servers that sport multiple connections. You can download the file either directly on your phone or on your computer for further use.

RedWolf Recovery is a modified version of TWRP built based on its source code. Of course, there are some differences to the original TWRP. Thanks to its developers ATG Droid and Dadi11, several additional features have been added.

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RWRP Key Features

- Password protection
- Flashlight
- MIUI Incremental OTA Support
- Built-in latest Magisk, SuperSU & AromaFM
- Support two screenshot GUI actions - Power+VolDown to save screenshot in to the internal storage &
  Power+VolUp to save screenshot in to the external storage (Will be automatically saved in to the internal in case
  that external storage doesn't exist).
- Support automatic reboot after the restore process
- Recovery can automatically modify some props in the ROM directly during the installation
- Some built-in scripts from community
- Tap to wake support
- Advanced deactivation of the stock recovery
- Automatic deactivation of the dm-verity & forced encryption directly during the installation of the ROM
- Recovery can notify you about the completed backup/restore/installation using the notification diode & vibration.
- Support "set on boot" settings.

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Download RWRP Recovery

The flashable img file below is for Xiaomi device with codename Whyred. Do not install this RWRP recovery on other devices such us Redmi Note 4 India codename Vince. You can read more about Xiaomi devices codename here.

File name :
Version 3.2.3-027 | 3085 downloads | Size: 42 MB
File name :
Version 3.2.3-027 | 2052 downloads | Size: 44 MB

Older version:

File name :
Version 3.2.1-027 | 679 downloads | Size: 37 MB

Credits and thanks belong to the builder: yshalsager.

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Changelog RWRP version 3.2.x-027:

- Improved dumwolf driver
- Some bug fixes and improvements
- Removed the vibration feedback from all GUI elements
- Automatically resize bootable partitions during nandroid backups
- Changed theme to black/white/red style based on @TBO material theme 
- Notify user about the current activity of the deactivation process - that's handled under the console 
- If screen is turned off then automatically detect AROMA Installer package and unblank screen before starting the update binary which is going to call AROMA GUI, so we won't be stuck at the black screen since AROMA engine require screen to be turned on.
- Added ability to change OTA Survival driver properties from the recovery GUI, allowing recovery to support "out of the box" almost all incremental OTA updates from different OEMs/custom ROMs out there (as long as they have correctly formatted metadata).
- Data files aren't anymore saved on the storage partitions, which means that we're now able to survive even encrypted device.

Screenshot pics:


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