Redmi Note 5 MIUI Global Stable Recovery ROM (All Versions)

Redmi Note 5 MIUI Global Stable Recovery ROM (All Versions) 1

Enter the MIUI Recovery ROM Download Center for Redmi Note 5 Global/Pro/AI/China codename Whyred. All versions of stock MIUI ROM are available here; from the Non-ARB, ARB 3, and ARB 4. All the files are original, unaltered, and unmodified. All the download links head directly to the official Xiaomi’s servers. You can make use of your favorite download manager to grab the zip file to your PC.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, with codename whyred, is one of the devices currently running MIUI 10 with Anti-rollback Protection. It is a security feature introduced since MIUI Global Stable v9.5.19.0. There are many to tell about the feature. In short, it prevents you to downgrade the MIUI ROM. It means that the only option you have if you want to flash or to install the ROM is to flash either the same version or a newer version.

It may sound simple. However, many users have ended up with a bricked device as the result of such protection. The fact that it cannot be resolved through simple fastboot method makes the situation worst. Additionally, users cannot flash a custom recovery (TWRP/RWRP) through traditional fastboot method.

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Many users call the security measure as ARB which stands for Anti-rollback Protection, obviously.

Understanding MIUI Variants and Versions

MIUI ROM Variants:

  • Developer/beta: This build is not the official public release but is intended for development purpose. Hence, this is also called as Beta build. You can download and use this build but you may expect some bugs and stability issues. The MIUI Beta version is usually released every week.
  • Stable build: As what the name implies. The Stable build is the official public release that is stable enough for daily usage by all MIUI users. Every new Xiaomi device is released with the stable build. There is no regular and exact time of when this is going to be released. However, each time the Developer Team behind MIUI have managed to accomplish new features and patched some known bugs, the stable build will be released.

MIUI ROM Versions:

There are 3 main versions available in which each of them is intended for the specific users:

  • China version: For devices released in China – it has no Google Play Store and GApps.
  • Russia version: For devices released in Russia.
  • Global version: For devices released worldwide other than China and Russia.

The ones available below are MIUI Global version and Stable build. Each file has its own version number. We list from the oldest to the latest one in order. Scroll to the bottom if you are looking for the latest version available.

Version Numbering:

Just like other software, version numbering is appended to each release to make it easy distinguishing newest, previous, and oldest versions. However, along with version number, the MIUI Developer Team has also included a unique code, for instance: OEIMIFH, OEIMIFD, NEIMIEK, OEICNFH, OEICNFA, and so on.

What does the code mean? It is a unique identifier coded exclusively for each release.

  1. The first letter (N or O) represent the Android codename in which the ROM was built from (Nougat, Oreo, and so on).
  2. The 2nd and 3rd letters are the code for MIUI device variants.
  3. The 4th and 5th letters represent the type of the build: either Global or China (and sometimes Russia).
  4. The 6th and 7th are just a unique code.
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O= Oreo (Android 8.x)
EI= Redmi Note 5 Whyred
MI= Global Build
FH= Unique code for the released update.

Now you have understood what the code of each MIUI ROM file is. It’s time for the direct download links.


Caution! These files are not for Redmi Note 5 India (Vince).

ROMs with no ARB or ARB 3:

File name :
Version | 800 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 103 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 66 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 109 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 234 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 244 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version | 76 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version | 60 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version | 124 downloads | Size: 1 GB

ROMs with ARB 4:

File name :
Version | 441 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version | 129 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 388 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 148 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 85 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 50 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 101 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 365 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 872 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Changelog v10.3.1.0:

- Optimization: Updated Android Security Patch to April 2019. Increased system security.
- Phone
Fix: Ending calls took longer time than expected
Fix: Status bar shortcut and floating notification for calls appeared at the same time
- Lockscreen, status bar, Notification shade
New: You can restrict opening Notification shade on the Lock screen now
Fix: LED light didn't blink when battery was low
Fix: Low battery warning didn't appear in landscape mode
Fix: Notification shade went black on the Lock screen when new notifications were received
- Home screen
Fix: Notification badges were displayed incorrectly on the WhatsApp icon
- Settings
Fix: Sync page couldn't be refreshed whenever sync was turned on or off in the Notification shade
- Recents
Optimization: App names were truncated when texts size was set to large
Mi Cloud
Optimization: We redesigned Mi Cloud's start page. It looks much better now!

Latest Version (ARB4)

File name :
Version | 1023 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Changelog v10.3.1.0.PEIMIXM:

System has been updated to Android 9.0 Pie

How to install/update?

Read and follow our previous article outlining the required steps to flash MIUI Recovery ROM.

The Fastboot ROM of these files is downloadable from this link.

Read also: How to flash TWRP and Root Redmi Note 5.

This page will be updated regularly once a new version becomes available. Please do not hesitate to request for the variant not available above.

Credits: MIUI Forum.


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  1. I had wiped all files except the internal storage for installing another version like Sailfish OS. But forgot to keep any backup. The sailfish OS file was not for whyred version rather it was for vince version. Thats why I couldnot flash it on my Redmi Note 5 Ai. After that I collected “” and flashed via PatchBlack recovery tool.
    Now my device is dead. It is not opening even in recovery mood.
    Some one please Help me.

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