TWRP Flasher and ARB Unlocker for Redmi Note 5 (Whyred)

TWRP Flasher and ARB Unlocker for Redmi Note 5 (Whyred) 1

Here is the ultimate weapon for every user of Redmi Note 5. Enter the TWRP Flasher and Anti-rollback Protection Unlocker tool. Designed by one of Xiaomi super fans, Perdana1, the tool includes multiple builds of custom recoveries: the official TWRP, an unofficial TWRP, the Pitchblack TWRP, and the Red Wolf TWRP (RWRP).

The tool has no complicated details nor a fancy user interface. Instead, it comes simple and it has everything to get your back. The usage is also simple and easy.

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The tool is compatible with Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro/Global/China/AI – see Xiaomi codenames here. It has the ability to unlock ARB protection as well. Thanks to the in-built ARB Unlocker Patch.

This tool helps you by providing all necessary stuff within one single tool. You don’t have to manually download all the recoveries since the tool has it all.

Unfortunately, there is a single drawback. The tool does not come in the English language. However, everything is self-explanatory and pretty much easy to grasp.


TWRP Flasher Tool for 32-bit computers:

File name :
Version 3.2.2-x | 1000 downloads | Size: 124 MB

TWRP Flasher Tool for 64-bit computers:

File name :
Version 3.2.2-x | 2135 downloads | Size: 124 MB

Using an installer tool doesn’t necessarily eliminates the need of bootloader unlocking. Flashing a custom recovery requires you to unlock the Redmi Note 5 bootloader first. Any function of the tool will fail to execute if the bootloader is still locked.

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Those who still aware of the Anti-rollback Protection, the tool also has a menu you can activate to check for the ARB index. This save you times rather than doing it manually.

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Our Verdict

Despite being not available in English, the tool is really a keeper. It cuts many steps of flashing TWRP manually on Redmi Note 5. Other complementary features are also useful.

However, it would be better if the developer can also include Magisk and DM Verity disabler within the tool. Adding options to push both Magisk and DM Verity disabler into the device would be awesome.

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  1. Amazing ! thanks for the info. I am reading all of your posts. It really wonderful. Can i remove Anti rollback in my mobile by flashing unlock anti rollback in this tool?

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