MIUI ROM Unbrick Tweak for Redmi Note 5 ARB Error

MIUI ROM Unbrick Tweak for Redmi Note 5 ARB Error 1

This is a modified MIUI ROM used to fix error on Redmi Note 5 Pro/Ai/China caused by Anti-roll Back Protection mechanism. This is not a standard MIUI 10 ROM. Please use this only to unbrick your Redmi Note 5 (codename Whyred) device.

Some of Whyred users getting such a weird error when downgrading the MIUI version their device. Such an error also exists when users switching from the official MIUI ROM to a custom ROM or vice versa. Again, this is due to ARB error.

ARB is put in place by Xiaomi to prevent users rolling back to older version of the ROM which “they say” it less secure.

However, such a protection mechanism caused dizziness to some users. Even worst, the error caused by the ARB protection is not a usual one. It is not a common device break. Instead, it is a hard brick which cannot be fixed through Fastboot mode.

Users need to either fix it through EDL/Test point method or bring the device to the nearest Mi service point.

Luckily, there is a workaround!

The below modded MIUI ROM can solve the hard brick error problem on Redmi Note 5.


The modded MIUI ROM is split into two packages. You need to download both of them so you extract its content properly.

Due to the nature of the file size, we mirrored it to several servers. Please select from which server you wish to download. We recommend you to grab it from Google Drive though.

Main ZIP file:

File name :
Version n/a | 5592 downloads | Size: 832 MB

Mirrors on Mega and Google Drive:

Required package (.z01):

File name :
Version n/a | 3104 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mirrors on Mega and Google Drive:

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