KangarooX Kernel: Overclock Redmi Note 5 Whyred Effortlessly

KangarooX Kernel: Overclock Redmi Note 5 Whyred Effortlessly 1

Download KangarooX Kernel builds (Overclocked and Non-Overclocked) for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global/Pro codename Whyred. This is a custom Android kernel to take full control over your very own phone. KangarooX kernel is compatible with almost any Android ROMs (either Oreo or Pie).

While few years ago using a custom Android ROM is the ultimate tweak applicable for our Android phones, flashing a custom Android kernel also becomes popular recently.

The main reason is the hassle-free solution a custom kernel can offer. Flashing it allows you to take full control over your phones. You can manage how your device will behave.

Any specific behavior of your phone will affect the overall system performance and stability.

We like it for one thing, it brings the best settings for our phone and hence we can have the best performance while maintaining battery consumption low.

An Android kernel is built from Linux kernel. In short, it is a bunch of code that translate human instruction to the language that a machine can understand. It’s almost similar to Windows Drivers.

Xiaomi MIUI ROM comes with default kernel. Most of custom Android ROM also comes with one.

However, you may want to use a custom kernel to increase the performance of your phone. This is useful to avoid manual tweaking. Not all Android users understand all system hardware-related configuration.

A custom kernel brings ready-to-use hardware configurations to your device.

In this page, you can download KangarooX kernel for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro/Global/China codename Whyred. KangarooX comes in two builds: the Overclocked (OC) and the Non Overclocked (Non-OC).

The first one is obvious. The OC edition comes with pre-configured settings that overclock the default chipset performance, including CPU and GPU frequencies.

The Adreno Boots technology that comes within KangarooX will enhance the performance of Graphic Processing Unit. It means you can enjoy a lag-free gaming experience.

KangarooX Kernel boosts your Redmi Note 5 Whyred mostly in three areas. First, CPU performance and hence it boosts overall system processes. Second, graphical performance through GPU boosting. This improves graphic-demanding processes such as gaming or graphic rendering. Third, it improves sound quality produced by your device. It also sports DTS:X Ultra SW effects.

Download KangarooX Kernel

Choose between the overclocked version and non-overclocked one. The last one employs default CPU and GPU clockspeed.

Changelog version R4.4:

  • Linux 4.4.179 merged
  • LA.UM.7.2.r1-06900-sdm660.0 CAF tag merged
  • qcacld-3.0,fwapi,qca-wifi-host-cmn: LA.UM.7.2.r1-06900-sdm660.0 CAF tag merged
  • F2FS upstreamed
  • Added the sRGB workaround from icecold
  • Spectrum profiles fixed on pie. WORKING ONLY WITH SMARTPACK KERNEL MANAGER.
  • DTS synced with MIUI 9.4.25
  • Added a script from Franco kernel what force several processes to low-power CPUs
  • Removed some changes by Xiaomi
  • Added the process reclaim reverts from wahoo q preview and enabled the process reclaim
  • qcacld-3.0 configs updated(and fixed)
  • Changed to Draco’s new DSboost driver
  • Removed a ton of debugging
  • Using zsmalloc for zRAM again

KangarooX Kernel Overclocked for Redmi Note 5

File name :
Version r5.1 | 3947 downloads | Size: 14 MB
File name :
Version r4.4-oc-255 | 4072 downloads | Size: 13 MB
File name :
Version r4.4-oc | 1089 downloads | Size: 13 MB
File name :
Version r3.9-oc | 1527 downloads | Size: 14 MB

KangarooX Kernel Non-Overclocked for Redmi Note 5

File name :
Version r5.1 | 597 downloads | Size: 14 MB
File name :
Version r4.4-nonoc-255 | 869 downloads | Size: 13 MB
File name :
Version r4.4-nonoc | 399 downloads | Size: 13 MB
File name :
Version r3.9-nonoc | 473 downloads | Size: 14 MB

Perfboost Firmware Config

These are the custom firmware configuration essential for your phone to boot into system properly when using KangarooX kernel.

Please select and download the required firmware config below based on the Android version of your phone: 8.1 Oreo or 9.0 Pie.

Perfboost Firmware Config Android 9.0 Pie

File name :
Version 2.0 | 1359 downloads | Size: 12 KB
File name :
Version n/a | 2332 downloads | Size: 12 KB

Perfboost Firmware Config Android 8.1 Oreo

File name :
Version n/a | 757 downloads | Size: 7 KB

Furthermore, there is a rare case that error message won’t displayed properly. For that, you may need this Popup Fixer package.

File name :
Version n/a | 1050 downloads | Size: 818 KB

A custom kernel requires unlocked bootloader and TWRP custom recovery.

The KangarooX kernel is compatible with almost any Android ROM. It can be used in conjuction with the official MIUI ROM as well as a custom ROM such as LineageOS, Pixel Experience, Havoc OS, etc.

Next: How to install KangarooX Kernel on Redmi Note 5.

Credits: ktommy91 (its developer).


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