How to Install IceCold Kernel on Redmi Note 5 / 5 Pro (Whyred)

How to Install IceCold Kernel on Redmi Note 5 / 5 Pro (Whyred) 1

It is now becoming common to replace the stock Android kernel with the custom one. Those who already flashed a custom ROM may want to explore more their devices. Flashing a custom kernel may satisfy this desire of flashing maniac.

Why is flashing a custom kernel fun? There is so much fun in it actually.

A custom Android kernel is usually developed with tweaked performance in mind without sacrificing system stability. That is exactly what IceCold is made for.

The developer states that IceCold kernel is not an ordinary basic kernel for Redmi Note 5 codename Whyred. The kernel also provides special features aimed to achieve the best balance between performance and battery consumption.

According to its key features, he uses CAF kernel IceCold’s base. Code Aurora Forum (CAF) is where Qualcomm as the Snapdragon chipset manufacturer releases their official software including the kernel.

It means the kernel is optimized correctly for Snapdragon-powered devices.

The best thing we love about IceCold kernel is its support for Dolby DTS addon. Moreover, the GPU will wake only if needed. It can save battery juice greatly. The phone will not employ its GPU even you touch its screen and the phone is active. The kernel will intelligently use GPU when a demanding app is running such as graphic-demanding games.

Cool isn’t it?

Now let’s get into the steps on installing IceCold kernel.

Before you proceed, it is advisable to create backups of your important files, data, and the old kernel. It’s not a must but is strongly recommended. We hold no responsibility for any damages that may occur.

This tutorial is for Redmi Note 5 Ai/Global/China and Redmi Note 5 Pro India. The one with codename Whyred and is not for Vince.


Step 1. You need to unlock the Redmi Note 5 bootloader. This is a must. Please remember that you may lose your data for this process.

Step 2. Flash Orange Fox TWRP on your phone. You may use the official TWRP of course, but we prefer to use Orange Fox Recovery.

Step 3. Download the IceCold Kernel zip file for Redmi Note 5 directly into your device.

Step 4. Turn off your phone completely. Once it’s off, press the Power key and Volume Up key simultaneously. This will reboot your phone to Orange Fox TWRP.

Step 5. Choose “Install” from the main menu.

Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 1

Step 6. Locate the IceCold Kernel zip file. It usually resides in the Downloads folder if you downloaded it directly from the web browser. Tap on it to select it.

How to Install IceCold Kernel on Redmi Note 5 / 5 Pro (Whyred) 2

Step 7. Now do the “Swipe to Install” action.

How to Install IceCold Kernel on Redmi Note 5 / 5 Pro (Whyred) 3

Step 8. Wait for the process to finish. Once done, tap the back button and go to the main menu.

Step 9. Once done, go back to the main menu. Tap “Reboot” then “Recovery“. This will reboot your phone back to recovery again. This is a good practice to make sure the flashed binaries really take place.

Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 4
Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 5

Step 10. This time choose “Reboot” again then choose “System“.

Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 6

That’s it. Your phone will now boot into normal mode (e.g: running MIUI, LineageOS, Pixel Experience, Havoc, etc).

A side note

You have to flash the boot.img of the currently installed custom ROM or to do a “dirty flash” the ROM if you installed a custom Kernel before. You don’t need to do this if you previously run a stock kernel.

Enjoy the smoothness and battery-friendly IceCold experience!

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