IceCold Kernel Brings Balanced Performance and Battery Use

IceCold Kernel Brings Balanced Performance and Battery Use 1

The main advantage of the officially released kernel is the existence of custom one built based on it. Xiaomi is one of the phone manufacturers that is very developer-friendly.

Such a scenario allows for more rapid development of third-party modifications. Flashing maniacs love this very much.

Redmi Note 5 or Redmi Note 5 Pro (India) is one of legendary Xiaomi phones (after Redmi Note 3) having the most rapid third-party development.

There are a number of custom ROMs available for the device that has codename Whyred. Previously, we have also seen a custom kernel to boost the performance of your Redmi Note 5 phone: the KangarooX kernel.

Now meet another one, the IceCold kernel. Unlike KangarooX that has two variants the default and the overclocked, IceCold offers only one variant.

The main purpose of IceCold is not to overclock the default performance speed but to bring balance between performance and battery life.

IceCold Kernel is a basic kernel for Whyred (Redmi Note 5) that contains some special features and aims for the best balance between performance and battery.


The main description quoted from its developer depicts what the kernel is all about. The main aim of IceCold is not overclocking but in the end, the main purpose is still the same: boosting the overall system performance while keeping stability.

Check out its key features below.

IceCold Kernel Features

  • Rebased to pie kernel source and CAF base
  • Merged Latest CAF Tag
  • Implemented EAS (EM by tytydraco)
  • top-app stune boost hardcoded to 1
  • NTFS support
  • Timer tick rate 80Hz
  • Many things added to the power-efficient work queue
  • Update TAS2557
  • schedutil default governor
  • Sound control
  • More sound improvements
  • DTS Support
  • Anxiety default I/O scheduler
  • HDR support
  • Charging Limiter
  • Night Charge
  • Use lpm parameters of sdm845
  • Rapid GC for f2fs
  • Simple Thermal
  • Only wake GPU when needed (not on touch)
  • TCP improvements
  • Per-Process reclaim
  • Remove debugfs
  • Nearly complete VLA free
  • Remove inefficient frequencies
  • Simple Low Memory Killer
  • Enable Idle Dynticks
  • Other under the hood stuff
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The most important features are highlighted.

Download IceCold Kernel

Unlike custom ROMs, custom kernels usually have a smaller file size. You can download it from mirror direct link below.

File name :
Version r5,3 | 1658 downloads | Size: 17 MB

IceCold kernel works best on custom ROMs such as LineageOS, Pixel Experience, HavocOS, crDroid, and so on, especially those CAF-based ROMs.

However, it is not impossible to use it along with the official MIUI ROM. It’s just the developer of this kernel won’t fix any issue related to the MIUI ROM.

What is a custom kernel?

A kernel itself is a set of low-level software that helps operating system communicating with device’s hardware. It’s just like a translator that interprets programming languages to binaries codes a hardware can understand.

A custom kernel means a kernel that is made by third-party developers (not the official kernel released by device manufacturers).

Installing a custom kernel requires unlocked bootloader and TWRP custom recovery.

How to install?

  1. Simply unlock the bootloader.
  2. Flash a custom recovery: TWRP, Red Wolf, or Orange Fox.
  3. Boot into recovery mode.
  4. Flash the kernel zip file.
  5. Reboot.

Ups, just never forget to back up your old kernel and any crucial data you have.

Need a step-by-step guide? Read our tutorial on how to flash IceCold on Redmi Note 5 here.


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