HavocOS for Redmi Note 5 Gets V3.0 Based on Android 10.0 Q

HavocOS for Redmi Note 5 Gets V3.0 Based on Android 10.0 Q 1

The best rival to Pixel Experience ROM, Havoc OS now hits version 3.0 bringing the awesomeness of Android 10.0 Q to Redmi Note 5 codename Whyred. Please bear in mind that Whyred is the codename for both Redmi Note 5 Pro (India) and Redmi Note 5 Global (China/ Europe/Asia).

Redmi Note 5 is one of the legendary phones ever released by Xiaomi. Its sales number was very high producing fresh revenue for the company. Recently, Redmi Note 8 and 8 Pro are the latest successors despite its sales do not skyrocket as Redmi Note 5’s was.

Its popularity is still unbeatable. A bunch of tweaks, mods, custom ROMs and kernels keep coming for Whyred.

The team behind HavocOS has managed to release version 3.0 of HavocOS. Android 10.0 Q as its base works flawlessly on the phone.

HavocOS is one of the popular custom ROMs offering Google Pixel styles and goodies. Once installed, its users can enjoy a similar design and the same experience of using a Pixel phone.

The release of v3.0 Android 10.0 makes Havoc OS even more awesome. The ROM still employs AOSP as its base. As far as I can recall, Pixel Experience ever released CAF-based build but its popularity was not as high as its AOSP-based. Hence we guess, going with AOSP is the best decision for the Havoc OS team.

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Notable Key Features

  • Based on AOSP
  • Google Pixel UI and UX styles
  • Pixel icons, wallpapers, sounds, and themes.
  • Refined Material Design 2 UI
  • Substratum Support
  • Micro-G Support
  • Double-tap to sleep
  • Always On Display (AOD) a.k.a. Ambient Display
  • Gesture Navigation
  • Aggressive Standby and Idle
  • Double-tap to wake
  • MIUI stock camera included
  • VoLTE

Download HavocOS v3.0

Below you can download Havoc OS v3.0 based on Android 10.0 Q for Redmi Note 5 and 5 Pro codename Whyred. The ROM features DT2W, DT2S, Ambient AOD (Always On Display), Substratum support, etc.

Gran the flash-able zip file of HavocOS v3.0 from below direct link. The file is original, untouched, and unmodified.

File name :
Version 3.0-20191118 | 360 downloads | Size: 654 MB

How to Install HavocOS v3.0 Android 10?

Flashing HavocOS ROM v3.0 is the same as its previous version (e.g: v2.8). You’ll need a custom recovery as the absolute requirement to install the ROM on your Redmi Note 5.

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You’ll need to download the following stuff:

  1. Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Driver;
  2. Android Platform Tools;
  3. TWRP Recovery. You can use either Orange Fox, Red Wolf, or the official TWRP for Redmi Note 5.
  4. Google Apps (Gapps) for Android 10 ARM64.
  5. Magisk root (optional).

As for recovery, we strongly suggest you go with Orange Fox.


There are several tasks necessary prior to installing HavocOS v3.0 on Redmi Note 5:

  1. Installing ADB Fastboot Drivers.
  2. Unlocking the bootloader of your phone.
  3. Flashing Orange Fox on Redmi Note 5.
  4. Creating full backups of your phone.

Steps to Install HavocOS on Redmi Note 5

Step 1. Turn off your phone completely. Simply press the Power button and choose Power Off.

Step 2. Boot into TWRP recovery by pressing the Power button and the Volume Up button simultaneously.

Step 3. Choose [Wipe] from the main menu, then choose [Advanced Wipe].

Step 4. Select System, Data, Dalvik, and Cache.

Step 5. Do the Swipe to Wipe action. Once done, go back to the main menu.

Step 6. Connect your phone to the computer using its USB cable.

Step 7. Transfer the HavocOS v3.0 zip file and GApps zip file to your phone.

Step 8. Choose [Install] from the main menu of Orangefox/TWRP.

Step 9. Locate the HavocOS v3.0 zip file, tap on it to select it.

Step 10. Do the Swipe to Install action.

Step 11. Go back to the main menu once done flashing.

Step 12. Choose [Install] again.

Step 13. Locate the Open Gapps zip file, tap on it to select it.

Step 14. Do the Swipe to Install action.

Step 15. Optional: install Magisk zip file if you want to root your phone running HavocOS. Otherwise, simply skip this step.

Step 16. Choose [Reboot] then choose [System].

Step 17. Set up your Google Account.


Please note! Initial booting time usually takes longer than usual. Don’t worry, it’s normal.

Still confused? Simply read our previous guide here. The steps are similar. Simply replace the HavocOS zip file and Gapps zip file used in that article.

Got questions? Do not hesitate to drop a comment below or join its official telegram channel here.


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