Skyrocket Redmi Note 5 Performance with AGNi Kernel

Skyrocket Redmi Note 5 Performance with AGNi Kernel 1

This is a newbie-friendly guide on how to flash AGNi kernel on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global/Ai/China/Pro codename Whyred. AGNi is a custom kernel boasting system efficiency.

Unlike any other custom kernel that boasts an extreme overclocked performance, AGNi tweaks and optimizes the existing system to work as efficient as possible. The most surprising output is stable yet battery-friendly performance.

AGNi is based on Linux kernel release 4.x and it is a GCC ready hybrid kernel. It’s latest version is based on CAF instead of AOSP.

The CAF stands for the CodeAurora Forum. It is a consortium which acts as a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. The forum consists of more ROM developers rather than flash-maniacs.

The CAF projects are mostly for devices powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets.

On the other hand, there is also the more popular one AOSP. The term stands for Android Open Source Project and is maintained officially by Google itself.

We have wrapped up much information about AGNi kernel in our previous post. You can read it here.

Now let’s go straight to the main point of this article, the guide.

Before we proceed, we should remind you about it risks.

Flashing a custom kernel needs a custom recovery. Flashing a custom recovery demands for an unlocked bootloader. Hence, you will lose all your data since Xiaomi’s official bootloader unlocking methods requires factory reset.

We strongly suggest you to create backups of all your crucial data and files.

We hold no responsibility of any damages, bootlooped devices, bricked phones, thermonuclear wars, and so on. Yes, we mean it. Please create backups.

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Step 1. You need to unlock the Redmi Note 5 bootloader. This is a must. Please remember that you may lose your data because of unlocking process.

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Step 2. Flash Orange Fox TWRP on your phone. You may use the official TWRP of course, but we prefer to use Orange Fox Recovery.

Step 3. Download AGNi Kernel zip file for Redmi Note 5 directly into your device. You can choose whether the Android 8.1 Oreo version or the Android 9.0 Pie version.

Step 4. Turn off your phone completely. Once it’s off, press the Power key and Volume Up key simultaneously. This will reboot your phone to Orange Fox TWRP.

Step 5. Choose “Install” from the main menu.

Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 1

Step 6. Locate the AGNi Kernel zip file. It usually resides in the Downloads folder. Tap on it to select it.

Skyrocket Redmi Note 5 Performance with AGNi Kernel 2

Step 7. Now do the “Swipe to Install” action.

Skyrocket Redmi Note 5 Performance with AGNi Kernel 3

Step 8. Wait for the process to finish. Once done, tap the back button and go to the main menu.

Step 9. Tap “Reboot” then “Recovery“. This will reboot your phone back to recovery again. This is a good practice to make sure the flashed binaries really take place.

Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 4
Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 5

Step 10. Once you are in the recovery, choose “Reboot” again then choose “System“.

Exciting Steps to Flash DireWolf Kernel on Redmi 5A 6

Step 11. That’s it. Your phone will now boot into normal mode (e.g: running MIUI, LineageOS, Pixel Experience, Havoc, etc).

Congratulation, you have successfully flashed AGNI kernel on Redmi Note 5 whyred. You should now get better performance while saving every single drop of your battery juice.

Many Whyred users recommend this kernel to use in conjunction with stock MIUI stable build or HavocOS custom ROM.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to share them down below.


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