A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point

The implementation of Anti-roll Back Protection mechanism is rather spooky. It prevents users to downgrade the MIUI version. Once users did, their phone will be bricked forever! Unless they bring it to to nearest Mi Service point. One of ARB-protected devices is Redmi Note 5 Pro/Ai/China/Global (codename Whyred).

Some users have pointed out a workaround to fix the hard-bricked Redmi Note 5 by flashing the MIUI ROM through EDL mode which can be achieved through Test-point method.

However, this workaround has been analyzed by Xiaomi. As a result, Xiaomi prevents EDL-flashing unless the user has proper permission which in this case is an authorized Mi Account. Hence, this workaround works no longer for most of the time.

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The serious level of protection shown by Xiaomi is, for me, a little bit odd. The ARB Protection takes place in the system to prevent from a downgrade process. This, however, is not a prevention. It is rather be a trap. A prevention mechanism should forbid users or prohibit users so that the downgrading process would never happen. Instead, they allow it happening and then banning users from using their own devices.

Well, that’s rather my own opinion which do not reflect opinions of other Authors of MIUI blog.

Now, what if you have fallen to this trap? Finding your Redmi Note 5 broken with no way to revive it. Hmm, I think you still have two options.

First, to give up and to bring the device to the official Mi Service Center.

Second, to try flashing through the EDL mode.

Third, or you can try this workaround below.

Disclaimer: We hold no responsibility of any further damage that might arise. Please proceed carefully and responsibly.

How to Unbrick Redmi Note 5 Caused by ARB Protection

Step 1. Download and install ADB-Fastboot Drivers on your computer.

Step 2. Download Mi Flash tool and install it on your computer as well.

Step 3. Download modded MIUI ROM with unbrick tweak for Redmi Note 5 on your computer. The modified ROM is available in two files. Download both of them (anti_test_note5.zip and anti_test_note5.z01). Make sure you put both files in the same folder/location.

Step 4. Double click the anti_test_note5.zip to extract it. You will get a folder called “anti_test_note5“.

p.s: Make sure you have WinRAR, WinZip, or 7Zip installed already.

A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 1

Step 5. On your computer, open Device Manager.

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A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 2

Step 6. Now connect your bricked Redmi Note 5 phone to the computer using its USB cable. Windows Device Manager should detect the phone as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM4).

A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 3

Computer cannot detect the phone? Troubleshoot by trying one of these:

  • Try using other USB cable. Make sure it is a USB Data cable and not a Charging-only cable.
  • Try using other USB ports in your computer.
  • Install the Qualcomm QDLoader USB Driver.

Step 7. Now open up the Mi Flash tool by clicking its icon on Desktop.

A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 4
A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 5

You might find some Widows alert. Click Yes then Allow.

A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 6

Step 8. Next, in Windows Explorer, open the folder of where you have extracted the Anti_test_note5. Copy its location path. Right click then Copy.

A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 7

Step 9. Now paste that location path to the Mi Flash tool address bar. Right-click then Paste.

For instance:


Yours may be different.

A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 8

Step 10. Click the Refresh button, then choose the “Clean all” option. Finally, hit that Flash button to start flashing.

A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 9

Step 11. The tool will start doing its job. Sit tight and wait for it. It may take times but just hold on.

A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 10

Do not leave the computer. Pay attention to how the project is going.

A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 11

Step 12. Once done, you will see the Success message being displayed in the Result column.

A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 12

Step 13. The Redmi Note 5 phone will automatically reboot after flashing. You have to wait since it also takes time compared to a normal phone.

A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 13

Step 14. Once it boots into system, simply setup your Google Account as usual.

Please note that the tweaked MIUI ROM to fix Anti-roll Back bricked device is built upon MIUI 9. The main purpose of using this ROM is to bring back the device to life. Once revived, you can then upgrade/update the phone to the latest available MIUI 10 ROM for Redmi Note 5.

A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point 14

Voila! Congratulation, you bring back the broken Redmi Note 5 to life. You have fixed a dead Redmi Note 5 from ARB hard-bricked state to a normal state without EDL mode, Test-point method, nor Mi Authorization.

This method bypasses Mi Authorization needed to fix bricked Redmi Note 5.

This article is based on Rashidmalyk’s work and it has been proven to work by our team. You can watch his video below:

How to fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Dead Hard-bricked

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave comments below.


80 thoughts on “A Hack to Fix Redmi Note 5 ARB Bricked without EDL/Test Point”

    1. same case but i read a topic on a fix.
      here is what i do:
      1.) I dowload the MIFlash 2019.5.28.0 Portable and used it and it works.
      2.) If it didn’t work, try hitting the POWER Button and hold for 10 sec when you hit the FLASH Button on Miflash.
      hope it will help others..

      1. Hi . If you need an authorized account for flashing xiaomi phones and restoring brick devices, write to this person whatsApp +79677771598.
        He also does unlock phones by IMEI. Using an authorized mi EDL account, you can restore phones with constant reboot problems, “This version of MIUI can be installed”, “the system has been destroyed” and you can also fix many software defects

      2. Hello!
        I managed to do everything as described, including flashing the ROM.
        But once I turn on the device again, I hit the Mi recovery screen again with the same error message “this miui version can’t be installed on this device”
        I believe that this device is chinese but seller put global version. I tried to lock the bootloader to enable netflix and such and now I’m stuck.

        Is there a “anti arb rom” but chinese instead of global?
        I’m really lost and pissed off!

        Many, many thanks Fandi!

        1. Hi I have a Xiaomi Redmi note 5 locked with MI account.
          It has Android 9, Miui (PEIMIXM) I managed to remove the account and the phone work just for calls and sms, but when I use data or Wifi, the cellphone blocks again.
          Can I use this method to put Miui 9 and therefore bypass the Mi account block? please reply as soon as possible.

      3. Does this also work with locked MI Account? Does it bypass permanently to add a new MI Account on my Redmi Note 5 Ai?

          1. Does it matter which version of Mi Flash tool should I use? Because there is a Mi Authentication/Authorization needed in order to flash right? Because above, you put 2017.4.25, but on the flashing part, you’re using 2018.05.28. So I’m kinda confused. I’m afraid it might not flash, also I don’t have a authorized MI account for Mi Flash tool so I’m not allowed if I want to flash something. Please Reply asap thank youu!! Once again, GREAT POST! Really helpful!


          1. Redmi Note 5 India does not have ARB protection. If the service center said that, it means your device is hard-bricked (something related to hardware), you can’t fix hardware-related problem with just fixing the software part.

            The guide is meant for soft-bricked device.

        2. Thank you so much. You are my saviour. My phone redmi note 5 with fake rom was dead when to try latest update over OTA. My phone were not unlocked bootloader,so i flashing your rom through TESTPOINT and finally success. And then i receive latest update global MIUI v10.3.1.0 OEIMIXM from OTA, can i update it via OTA or must flashing through fastboot?

            1. Can you tell me how about the folder u use it of both of two file (anti_test_note5.zip & anto_test_note5.z01) ????

          1. Hi bro, I have a Xiaomi Redmi note 5 ai with mi account block. I managed to remove the block and can make calls and send sms, but when I go online with data or WI-fi, the phone got blocked again.
            Whit this method, Can I install this rom of yours to my phone and get Miui 9 therefore remove de block of the account?

          2. Hi, I’m having some trouble with your method. I can’t get device manager to see the device as COM4, only Android Bootloader Interface, and Mi Flash sees the phone as its fastboot ID. Thanks

            1. Worked! Thank you so much man. I didn’t have bootloader unlocked, so I had to use testpoint to get the phone to be recognised by my computer. Great guide!

            2. Hi., Could you pls explain this step “Download both of them (anti_test_note5.zip and anti_test_note5.z01). Make sure you put both files in the same folder/location.” I’ m little confused do the file .z01 should be inside note.zip extracted folder or pasted in same location. Thank you.

            3. Hello,
              If I have used this method, I can not do that again on the same PC, because my phone was broken after the update to the last stable again. Is there something stored in the registration of the PC that prevents repeated use?

            4. Hi.
              I have a whyred bricked device with locked bootloader. It’s a china device running the Global ROM. Of course Xiaomi stopped that now after they installed the latest OTA upgrade to Pie. A locked bootloader China device can’t run the global ROM anymore. On the back of the device it is MEE7S. I tried this procedure in fastboot mode, and phone refuses to install it (xbl_locked). I tried in recovery mode “Mi Assistant”, and the firmware updater says it’s updating, but it has gotten to over 3000s, and there is nothing so I know it’s not doing anything. Any ideas? It’s really annoying because I’ve seen people able to recover these devices, but I can’t seem to recover mine.
              (By the way, I don’t see Qualcomm PORTS in device manager – I see “Android Device”. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Qualcomm driver, and it doesn’t make any difference). I’ve tried on both a USB2 port, and a USB3 port. It doesn’t make any difference. I know this cable is capable of doing a firmware update because if I use Xiaomi’s own software, I can reinstall the same global ROM that is installed already (of course it won’t boot it). However, I unfortunately cannot install the latest China rom (I guess because of ARB), and since I didn’t register the phone to my account, I can’t unlock it either. Argh.

            5. thanks man, i you stopped my sweat. i was getting error “cannot recive hello packet” i was stuck on that. then i disconnected my battery connection and flashed the file again, by the grace of god it works fine now… you guys should try it dont loose hope, (wait and try atleast two times if the hello packet error shows up) thanks again

              1. try to hold power button for like 10 sec then press flash button on pc to start flashing and release the power button. It works for me. when you see the device connecting press flash and release the power button

                1. help please, i try to flash and i follow youre step but i still got error
                  Error code name :

                  1. i mean \storsec.mbn
                    try to flash with another rom like a chine rom V 8.9.13
                    global V like my version but needed auth 🙁

                2. Russian technicians helped me restore my hard brick for a symbolic price. He really knows a lot about phones and it’s nice to even talk to him with our stupid phone repair masters. +79677771598 his number. If you need help feel free to contact him. He also helped me free unlock the bootloader without waiting and switch to the global version.

                  1. My Device is Redmi 6 Indian Version an update comes to my device when update is at 80% it stucked my brother switched off phone holding power button and it shows system has been destroyed and it restart just like bootloop. Recovery and fastboot not working and device not detected by pc after in stalling drivers of this mobile pleasee helpppp

                3. Hi, i do everything but when the phone is restarting show the message this Miui versión can’t be installed on this device. My phone is a redmi note 5 i don’t know what the problem is.
                  Someone can help me please. I don’t know what more do.

                4. I will try to be as specific as possible.
                  My brother has a Redmi Note 5 Global, the one with Snapdragon 636, i think its the whyred codename. Few weeks ago, it randomly rebooted and got stuck at mi logo, he never unlocked bootloader or messed with anything.
                  At first i told him to look for a service center, but since we are at Brazil, there is no official one, so he sent to three different people, none of them was able to help.
                  He already bought a new phone, but i want to repair this one, started yesterday my research.
                  First thing that i tried was Test-point, and sucessfully flashed the anti_test_note5 rom with ARB removed(the one in this website). But it still got stuck at mi logo, absolutely nothing changed, so i tried to flash this rom: “whyred_global_images_V10.2.2.0.OEIMIXM_20190314.0 000.00_8.1_global_b097ed1b3b.tgz”
                  But i don’t have EDL auth, so i searched online and found a “firehose” that let me flash the rom without auth.
                  Sucessfully flashed the new rom, but its still stuck at mi logo.

                  Anyone here can help me?
                  If any information is missing, just ask
                  Thanks in advance

                      1. Hi everybody, I flashed the older rom and my RN5 was bricked. After that, I flashed anti-test and it was fine. I rebootted phone. I read I can flash older xiaomi.eu rom so I did it. Now I have bricked phone again. The anti-test hasn’t helped. Any suggestions?

                      2. Hai, if i use this method, will my data such as photos,videos, notes is save? Or would i lost my data? Please reply, need help

                            1. my redmi note 7 is hard brick due to flashing the rom which lost power, the pc received com 9008, used miflash, it failed to fix the missing element.

                            2. Mas faries,
                              Saya pemakai reno 5 whyred, entah siang kemaren tiba2 heng dan bootloop.
                              Saya coba flash gagal terus
                              1. Fastboot + flash 2018 (-mi dir) + room antitest5 error
                              2. Testpoint + flash 2018 (-mi dir) + room antitest5 error ack
                              3. Testpoint + flash beta + room antitest5 error programmers

                              Kondisi unit ;
                              Batre bisa full charge
                              Mode fastboot bisa
                              Recovery mode tidak available
                              Stuck di logo mi
                              Unlocked true

                              Ada saran

                            3. So this is what happened with me. I was normally using my redmi note 5 pro global indian version and suddenly the screen froze and ot restarted, from that point it got stuck on mi logo. I am not able to go into recovery but fastboot mode is still available to me. The thing is I have locked bootloader as I waa running a stock rom. How do I flash a software on it? I tried flashing from edl pin method with battery disconnected but it gave me an error “ack count doesn’t match”. Anyone can help me bring my device back to life?

                            4. I tried this method on phone with lock bootloader it ask for account authorization, i tried this method on phone with unlocked bootloader it worked

                            5. hi i having problem with my redmi 6 pro which is dead not booted normalrecovery or faastboot are you give some tricks to boot it

                            6. I think it removed the MI Account, but now it keeps me asking for a Google account I put my credentials and stuck there keeps me asking again and again, what I should do?

                            7. Hi Fandi, Farlez, many thanks for sharing on your blog. My Xiaomi Max 3 was rooted, I try yo unroot it by doing the following:

                              1. Disable OEM Unlocking from Developer’s option
                              2. Restart device to Fastboot and then use ADB and Fastboot tool with the following command “fastboot oem lock”

                              The next thing it says system has been destroyed,
                              Can’t boot to recovery.
                              Tried to flash rom with miflash, it says FAILED (Erase is not allowed in lock state)

                              Appreciate if you could provide me the details if anything still can be done for my Xiaomi Max 3.

                              I am more than happy to provide with more info if needed.

                              Thank you.

                            8. Greetings please when I’m trying to format my phone with mi flash tool, storsec.mbn is the error I see can someone help me please

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