Ported Gcam APK for Mi 9T (Redmi K20) – Now with v7.0

Ported Gcam APK for Mi 9T (Redmi K20) - Now with v7.0 1

Xiaomi Mi 9T is another hype brought by Xiaomi for all Mi Fans around the globe. The device is originally available in China as Redmi K20. Both devices – Mi 9T and Redmi K20 – are basically the same devices with different naming.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 SoC resides inside the phone. The SoC is not a mid-range chipset. Instead, it is a near-to-flagship level chipset.

Specs wise, Mi 9T boasts Octa-core (2×2.2 GHz Kryo 470 Gold & 6×1.8 GHz Kryo 470 Silver) CPUs and Adreno 618 GPU.

Just like its big brother the Mi 9T Pro a.k.a Redmi K20 Pro, the device also sports triple camera setup.

The first camera is a Sony 48MP ultra high-resolution wide angle camera. This main camera equips a lens with f/1.75 aperture and it has 1.6μm 4-in-1 Super Pixel sensor.

The second camera is an 8MP one. It has a 53mm telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom and f/2.4 aperture. It employs a digital 1/4″ sensor with 1.12µm pixel size.

The third rear camera is an ultra 124.8° wide-angle 13MP camera. Its sensor size is 1.12μm per pixel and its lens has f/2.4 aperture.

This triple camera setup is awesome on its own. However, this uncommon setup makes its users hard to find the perfect Google Camera build.

Google Camera is an awesome camera app made officially Pixel phones. Pixel devices do not equip multiple camera setup. This does not stop it to be one of the world’s flagship Android phones.

Google’s custom algorithm inside the Pixel 3 / 3 XL is outstanding. The app features stunning HDR+ Enhanced mode that is capable of producing high-quality dynamic range photos.

Some other features including Portrait mode, Slow motion mode, Lens Blur mode, Motion photos, and the hype Night Sight mode.

Google Camera is very popular among Android users. Thanks to third-party developers who have managed to port the original app making it compatible for non-Pixel devices.

There are a number of popular GCam modders such as BSG, Arnova8G2, San1ty, CStar, Xtreme, Arthur, Backrider, Bulkin043, fu24, scrubber, Urikill, Tolyan009, Skulshady, and so on.

With so many developers porting Gcam for many devices, there are also so many builds, versions, and variants. This makes users confused about which APK to install.

Please remember that there is no universal APK or configuration that works on all devices. Users have to do some researches on what works and what doesn’t. Learning from other users’ experiences is the best teacher.

Xiaomi Mi 9T is no difference. Its triple camera setup demands for a specific gcam build that works on such a device.

The purpose of this dedicated page is to help you with the working Gcam APKs for Mi 9T. Hence, you don’t end up trying non-compatible builds that may harm your phone.

Download Gcam APK for Mi 9T or Redmi K20

Xiaomi Mi 9T is a new device considerably as the time of writing this article. There is no dedicated Gcam build made specifically for Mi 9T.

Fortunately, some users reported that some Gcam builds made for Mi 9 are also compatible for Mi 9T.

You can download all the APKs from direct links below. You don’t need to root nor to unlock bootloader.

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Redmi K20 Pro has Camera2 API enabled by default. Simply download one of the APKs below, then install it as usual.

You may need to confirm the installation from third-party if this is your first time.

All the files below are mirrored from its original location. We make no modifications nor alterations to the files. Nevertheless, it is always a good practice to scan every file downloaded from the Internet.

Gcam Unity Build for Mi 9T

San1ty has managed to port latest version of Gcam (v6.2.030) for Redmi K20 Pro. It has the following Key Features:

  • AUX works but Telephoto sensor got wrong BL (green photos).
  • HDR+ front/rear works.
  • RAW output works.
  • Night Sight works.
  • Motion works.
  • Portrait front/rear and everything else works.

Bruciato from XDA has tested this build and it seems work just well on his Mi 9T.

File name :
Version 6.2.030 | 49318 downloads | Size:

Gcam Urnyx05 Build for Mi 9T

Update: August 17, 2019.

Another Gcam build proven compatible with Xiaomi Mi 9 T is Urnyx05 build. Urnyx05 is another gcam porter that modifies Arnova8G2’s build.

His APKs modification include specific fixes and optimizations specifically made for Mi 9 variants, including the Mi 9T.

An XDA member 0x413 tested this build and it works just perfect despite some minor bugs:

  • The camera resolution goes down to 8MP after using its Tele camera.
  • App crashes if you try to access Settings from other camera exccept main.

However, we kinda like this build since its “Plug-and-Play” function. It means that no additional XML configuration needed. Simply install and use it immediately.

Some minor downsides of this Gcam build is the absence of EIS (Electronic Image Stabilizer). This could be an important features for videographers but mobile photographers might not greatly demanding the feature.

File name :
Version 6.2.030 (urnyx05-v2.2) | 12373 downloads | Size: 87 MB

Other Gcam Builds for Mi 9T

Another XDA member bruciebabie1963 makes use of Gcam made for Mi 9. Most of the features seem work as expected.

Below we’ve picked some of working Gcam builds you can try.

File name :
Version 6.2.030 build 1.2 | 5582 downloads | Size: 88 MB
File name :
Version mgc 6.1.021 xcam_mi9_v8 | 11628 downloads | Size: 130 MB

Updated on October 8th, 2019:

Parrot043 has managed to port Gcam v7.0 which is the latest version of Gcam that works on MIUI 11 and/or Android 10 Q ROMs. Flamedrops on XDA confirmed this build work.

The HDR+ photos captured with this build are way better than the stock MIUI camera. However, there is no option to switch the Telephoto and Wide Lens camera on.

File name :
Version 13 (gcam v7.0) | 12769 downloads | Size: 131 MB

Updated on November 29th, 2019:

File name :
Version 7.2.011 | 12684 downloads | Size: 116 MB

We will update with more APKs once we’ve found new ones. Let’s hope for new dedicated ported Gcam being released by most popular developers.


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  1. Good Day Sir.. Could you please, give me a link of GCam for my aging Redmi Note 4 SD Edition. Thank you very much. Hoping that I wouldn’t need to undergo Rooting, TWRP, etc etc.. Thank you so much in advance.

    1. Hello, Anybody knows how to make 60fps on video in gcam app? Everything is great i only need this 60fps I downloaded first and second version of gcam app in this article.

      1. Hi, thanks for the article! I just tried GC_K20P_6.2.030.apk (the first one). Def. more contrast and it looks sharper. Not so washed out like the stock app. Do you have any idea why the camera app would want to use nfc?

        thanks again!

      2. Pedro Próspero Luís

        Looks great on my Android 9, MIUI 10, 9T, except for not having camera selection (wide, normal, tele) options.
        Is there a fix?

      3. I tried the gcam 7.0.stillwhrn I try slow motion it closes the app. Anybody knows a gcam version that works slow motion for the mi 9T.
        The standard camera records 5 seconds at max 960fps.
        I read it is possible to record up to 2 minutes with gcam but I am looking for it
        Any idea?
        Thx already for your blog and ideas

      4. Hello. I’ve noticed Face Retouching feature is not working Mi9T Gcam. It makes selfies looks too detailed and sharp with wrinkles and holes showing

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