Pixel Experience 10.0 for Mi 9T (Redmi K20): The Coolest Custom ROM

Pixel Experience 10.0 for Mi 9T (Redmi K20): The Coolest Custom ROM 1

There would be a time for you to feel that MIUI is no longer cool. Well, that’s entirely up to you. MIUI is, for us, still the perfect ROM for Xiaomi devices.

In case if you are at that time, feeling bored with what MIUI delivers to you, you can try replacing the official ROM with any custom ROM.

Need a suggestion? If we may, we would like to suggest you LineageOS and Pixel Experience.

The first one has longe standing good reputation and acknowledgement from the third-party Android community. The last one has been very popular lately even being as what we consider it a new kid on the block.

Its key features along with cool stylish user interface fetched from Google Pixel are the most tempting advantages of the ROM.

The name Pixel Experience shows exactly what this ROM is going to give you.

The ROM is based on AOSP despite its CAF-based builds have been available for a while for some devices. Being AOSP means bloatware-free experience.

It is common for a custom ROM to not include Google Apps (gapps) in its package. PE ROM always includes it by default.

The ROM is so cool and it gets regular updates. Recently, its developer announces new features coming in the latest update.

Key Features


  • Invert navbar keys (disabled by default)
  • Volume wake (disabled by default)
  • Volume music control (disabled by default)
  • The torch is on power menu (disabled by default)
  • Disable power menu on lockscreen (disabled by default)
  • Ability to take screenshots using hardware physical keys (for devices without navigation bar)

Status Bar

  • 4G/LTE toggle
  • VoLTE icon toggle (disabled by default, unavailable on devices with notch)
  • Quick pulldown (disabled by default)
  • Traffic Indicator (disabled, hidden unavailable on devices with notch)
  • Disable qs on lockscreen (disabled by default)


  • Battery pulse when low toggle (enabled by default)


  • Live Display
  • Switch to dark theme based on time of the day
  • Pocket detection (disabled by default)
  • Double-tap to sleep on the status bar and lockscreen (disabled by default)
  • Ability to force full screen and ignore notch, useful for games and Netflix (inspired by MIUI)
  • Custom accents colour
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Sound and Vibration

  • Vibrate on connect call (disabled by default)
  • Ringtone chooser for 2nd sim card
  • FP vibration (enabled by default, AOSP behaviour)
  • Screenshot sound (enabled by default, AOSP behaviour)


  • Lockscreen art toggle (enabled by default, AOSP behavior)

QS Tiles

  • Sync
  • Heads up
  • Caffeine
  • Live Display and reading mode

All of these cool features come along with its general ones including all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, and boot animation).

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At the time being, its official version is not available yet. Luckily, an XDA member menphis has managed to build the unofficial Pixel Experience 9.0 ROM for Mi 9T a.k.a Redmi K20.

We will update you with the official one once available.

Meanwhile, you can grab the unofficial one below:

File name :
Version 9.0-11082019-1700 | 744 downloads | Size: 880 MB

This unofficial Pixel Experience ROM for Mi 9T has one known bug: The camera LED when leaving or saving does not turn on.

He confirms that everything else works as expected.

UPDATE: The official version of Pixel Experience v10.0 is now available for Mi 9T (Redmi K20).

This new version is based on AOSP Android 10.0 Q. You can download the full ROM pack from the below direct link:

File name :
Version 10.0-20200101 | 313 downloads | Size: 1 GB

Changelog v10.0:

* Based on Android 10.0 Q
* New Kernel(4.14.159) from davinci-dev
* Desember Security Patch
* Improved FOD and AOD
* Fixed lowest brightness
* Improved smoothly
* Others improved

How to flash this PE ROM? Simply follow our complete steps to install Pixel Experience on Mi 9T here. Enjoy.


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