Evolution X: A Kick-ass Custom ROM for Mi 9T (Redmi K20)

Evolution X: A Kick-ass Custom ROM for Mi 9T (Redmi K20) 1

A bad-ass Android phone needs a kick-ass Android ROM running on it. Meet Evolution X! Another custom ROM to bring Google Pixel experience on your Xiaomi phone.

Frankly saying, we at MIUI blog know this ROM just recently and already been amazed by its awesomeness.

Evolution X is built based on AOSP Android. This brings a bloat-free system along with additional customization right into your phone.

This theme is the best rival for Pixel Experience or Havoc OS. All offer the look and feel of the Pixel’s user interface (UI) style.

A bunch of awesomeness has been injected into the system for users to enjoy.

The Evo X Icon Toggle is the best thing easily noticeable within Evolution X ROM. The Evo X Icon Toggle boasts 39 styles ready to confuse you of which to choose.

Coming to its lockscreen, you can customize the clock styles choosing one of 14 styles to employ. There are many features distinguish the ROM and make it as a kick-ass Android ROM for your Mi 9T.

Check out all of its key features down below.

Evo X ROM Key Features

– Clock settings
– Battery icon customization
– EvoX Icon toggle (39 Styles)
– Roaming icon toggle
– VoLTE & 4G icon toggle

Quick Settings
– QS rows and columns customization
– Quick QS pulldown
– Bottom brightness slider toggle
– Tile titles toggle
– QS animations
– QS Styles (18 Styles)

– Ambient Music Ticker
– Status bar visibility toggle
– Clock Styles (14 Styles & Q Clock)
– Music visualization Options
– Date/Alarms/zen hider

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– Wallpaper/Light/Dark switching
– 11 Accent colors

Buttons and Gestures
– AOSP & Fingerprint Gestures
– Power menu customization
– Volume key playback controls
– Volume panel placement (left/right)

– Heads up notification & less annoying toggle
– Peeking notification timeout
– Snooze timer
– Stoplist & Blacklist for Heads up
– Smart Notification Sounds
– Kill App Button
– In-call vibrations
– Q Style Seek Bar

Download Evolution X for Mi 9T / Redmi K20

You can download Evolution X ROM zip file from below direct link conveniently.

Please remember that the ROM file below is built specifically for Xiaomi Mi 9T or Redmi K20 codename Davinci. Please do not flash it on Redmi K20 Pro or Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro codename Raphael.

File name :
Version 2.0 (20190815-0110) | 397 downloads | Size: 840 MB

The version above is based on AOSP Android version: 9.0.0_r40 Pie with security patch level: August 2019.

What works on this version?

  • Wifi
  • RIL
  • Mobile data
  • GPS
  • Camera [including pop up camera]
  • Flashlight
  • Camcorder
  • Bluetooth
  • FM Radio
  • FOD
  • NFC
  • Lights
  • Sound/vibration
  • Fingerprint with AOD

What doesn’t work?

  • The camera LED when leaving or saving does not turn on.
  • Double Tap to Wake (DT2W)

Credit: Menphis on XDA.

How to install?

Read our comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to flash Evolution X on Mi 9T here.


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