3 Methods to Install Play Store on Redmi K20 Pro

3 Methods to Install Play Store on Redmi K20 Pro 1

Own the new Redmi’s flagship killer device? Most probably you bought it from one of China online retailers directly. It means the device runs MIUI China Stable ROM – if you bought it in early June 2019.

You might still live with it although English and Chinese are the only languages available.

However, when you found no Play Store and no Google Apps installed, that might be quite shocking!

This article presents you with three available workarounds you can choose. We’ll start with the easiest one to the most difficult. It’s not that difficult so do not worry!

1st Method: Installing Play Store

Some recent Xiaomi devices released in China has built-in Google Services. The services are not currently running and activated just yet. The absence of Play Store makes those services stay idle.

Hence, installing Play Store is all you need to do.

Step 1. Download the APK file of Google Play here. The file usually has name something similar to this example: com.android.vending_versionxx.apk. You can download the apk file directly to your phone.

Step 2. Open up File Manager app in your phone.

Step 3. Locate the APK file you’ve just downloaded. Normally, the apk file resides in the Downloads folder.

Step 4. Tap on the file name then choose Install.

Step 5. If this your first time installing .apk file, you may need to allow the security check to install app from unknown / third-party sources.

That’s it. Once installed, you can reboot your phone and setup your Google account.

2nd Method: Installing Essential Google Services

Alternatively, you may need to firstly install all the essential Google Services necessary to run Play Store app. For that purpose, you’ll need the APK files of basic Google Play Services.

Follow these steps:

Step 1. Download the essential GApps package for Android 9.0 Pie here.

Step 2. Extract the GoogleAppsMIUIPie.zip file using either Winzip or Winrar. You’ll get six apk files.

Step 3. Copy all the apk files to your phone. You can use its USB cable for this task.

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Step 4. Open up File Manager app.

Step 5. Locate the APK files in your phone.

Step 6. Now install it one by one starting from the APK file number one to the number 6.

Step 7. Once all installed, go to Settings >> Manage apps >> Google Contacts / Calendar Sync. Enable Autostart and give all possible permissions such as write and read permissions over your contacts / calendar events.

Step 8. Finally, restart your phone to apply changes.

Voila! You have Play Store installed.

3rd Method: Flashing Open GApps

Ran into problems using both the first and second methods? Basically you shouldn’t. However, bad things happen and nothing you can do except looking for another workaround.

This method is not the easiest nor very difficult. It’s just a little bit arduous.

Step 1. Unlock your phone’s bootloader following this guide.

Step 2. Flash LR.Team TWRP recovery (or the official one if available).

Step 3. Download OpenGapps here or from our mirror direct link here. Choose ARM64 Android 9.0 Pie. Do not extract the zip file. Copy it to your phone.

e.g: open_gapps-arm64-9.0-nano-20190209.zip

Step 4. Boot into TWRP recovery. Turn off your phone completely then press the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously.

Step 5. Choose “Install” from the main menu of TWRP.

Step 6. Now locate the Open GApps zip file.

Step 7. Tap on its file name to select it.

Step 8. Do the “Swipe to confirm flash” action.

Step 9. Wait for it to finish its job. Once done, choose “Reboot” then “System“.

Voila! You have successfully flashed Play Store and all its essential services on Redmi K20 Pro.

You can install any other Google Apps easily via Play Store.

Did it work for you? Which method you prefer the most?


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