All Working Gcam APKs for Redmi 8 (Codename Olive)

All Working Gcam APKs for Redmi 8 (Codename Olive) 1

Below we list all working Google Camera APK files for Xiaomi Redmi 8. The camera app is a ported version of Gcam originally available on Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and Pixel 4. All these ported gcam APK files are proven to work with some limitations.

Google Camera is the default camera app of Pixel phones. The app gains its popularity thanks to the inhouse intelligent image processing technology developed by the team behind Google.

The stock Gcam app normally won’t work on any other Android phones regardless of its chipset, processor, GPU, RAM, or any other specifications.

Luckily, there are now many third-party developers who have managed to port the camera app making it compatible for other Android phones.

It was BSG who started the development ports first. Later on, some other developers follow his path. Nowadays, there are about 20 gcam port developers out there. Each of them has its own builds and versions of gcam.

Redmi 8 is a unique device. Redmi releases it as the next successor of its budget lineups. Indeed, Redmi 8 is a budget phone powered with Qualcomm SDM439 Snapdragon 439 (12 nm). The SoC is not so fancy considering its a budget phone.

Nevertheless, the SoC boasts Octa-core CPUs consisting of 2x 1.95GHz Cortex-A53 and 6x 1.45GHz Cortex A53 processors along with an Adreno 505 GPU.

Redmi 8 runs MIUI 11 based on Android 9.0 Pie. Interestingly, the Android Camera2 API is enabled by default.

The API is needed by Gcam to work properly. Unlike Redmi Note 5 that requires bootloader unlocking and enabling Camera2 API, the Redmi 8 simply comes with the API enabled.

This fact makes us believe that the chipset is capable of handling image processing tasks involving Camera2 API. Surprisingly, many of the Gcam versions available below work flawlessly on Redmi 8 with some limitations.

All the functions of photography are working while most of video capturing features are not.

At least that what most of the testers have proven.

The picture quality produced by all of these Gcam apps is stunning. The Enhanced HDR+ mode is able to produce sharp photos with exceptional details. None of any other camera app can outperform the quality of the pictures captured with Gcam.

Download Gcam APK for Redmi 8

All of these APK files have been tested by real users. All newer versions of Gcam work flawlessly to shot photos without any additional configs. The video-capturing features may be laggy in here and there. Furthermore, please expect no slow-motion mode to work.

What about Astrophotography and Night Sight mode? It works on version 7.x. Make sure you hold your phone steady.

Gcam v5.x for Redmi 8:

This build is the oldest but working version of Gcam. It does not have Night Sight nor Astronography mode. Originally, this version was designed for Android 8.0 Pie.

File name :
Version 5.1.018 (arnova v8.3b1) | 4790 downloads | Size: 37 MB

Gcam v6.x for Redmi 8:

This build is tested by Ahmedsheme. No need for additional configs. He stated that Slow Motion works. Tested by our member, the feature sometimes works.

File name :
Version 6.2.030 (v0.5a) | 1826 downloads | Size: 96 MB

Gcam v7.x for Redmi 8:

Gcam v7.0:

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This build has been tested by Komate Guigui. The superb version which offers very good results, compatible with the snapdragon 400 series.

File name :
Version 7.0.009 (v7) | 2893 downloads | Size: 113 MB

Gcam v7.2:

File name :
Version 7.2.010 (urnyx05 v1.4) | 4441 downloads | Size: 73 MB

Other versions:

These APK files are from Jairo_rossi. He is popular initially for making a special Gcam app for Poco F1. Recently, his builds are compatible with many Xiaomi phones.

This one below was tested by Dimedevil. He confirmed that the picture quality produced by this build is better than what produced by any other builds.

File name :
Version e2.0p zoom | 933 downloads | Size: 111 MB

This build has been tested by DavidRedmi. The newest version than above. Expect no video just yet.

File name :
Version e3.0p | 1087 downloads | Size: 81 MB

Which One Should I Use?

There are so many variants of ported Gcam. That said, there is no exact version compatible perfectly on certain devices including Redmi 8. The above versions have been tested. Hence, you can safely choose one of them for your daily driver.

If you wish, download and install all of them one by one and pick the one suits you the most.

The list is not limited and is still growing. The actual options of APK are exhaustive. Feel free to add other builds if you tested it and proven to work.

How to Install?

Simply download the APK file(s) to your one. You may need to grant or to allow installation from third-party sources on your browser’s settings.

You don’t need to unlock the bootloader. No root is required. No TWRP recovery is needed. Simply download, install, and use the app.

Are those files safe? Despite we can confidently say them safe, it is always a good idea to scan any files downloaded from the internet with Antivirus software. Hence, please feel free to download the APK files to your PC, scan it, and transfer it to your phone once you felt it safe.



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