Unofficial TWRP v3.3.1-0 for Redmi 7 (codename Onclite)

Unofficial TWRP v3.3.1-0 for Redmi 7 (codename Onclite) 1

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Xiaomi through its sub-brand Redmi becomes more focused with their budget-level devices. Redmi is well-known for its value-for-money phones. The sales of Redmi variants boosts most of the company’s revenue.

Redmi 7 is not just another iteration passing the same legacy to the device series. In fact, the device ships specifications that is near -to midrange-level phones.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 SoC, Octa-core (4×1.8 GHz Kryo 250 Gold & 4×1.8 GHz Kryo 250 Silver) CPUs, Adreno 506 GPU, and Dual rear camera setup (12MP+2MP) are just a few of its awesomeness.

About TWRP Recovery

TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Project. It is a custom recovery very popular for its usability among Android users. As far as we know, TWRP is the first custom recovery to support touch-screen function.

TWRP is originally coming from Team Win’s development kitchen. However, its popularity outperforms its name.

There are a number of forks and unofficial builds of TWRP. This unofficial ones usually appear earlier before the official build. Some of them may become official if accepted by the TWRP Team.

Forked builds are the modified versions. Usually, forked TWRPs boast additional features not available within the official one. Pitch Black Recovery Project is an example.

Download TWRP for Redmi 7

We have previously shared LR.Team TWRP by WZSX150 for Redmi 7. His build is also known as Chinese TWRP. Its default language is Chinese but switch-able to English easily following this guide.

Available below are the other official builds of TWRP recovery for Redmi 7 codename Onclite. These unofficial TWRPs have English as the default language.

The first build comes from RevanthTolety. he built the recovery based on Xiaomi Open Source Kernel for Redmi 7 available on Github. There is nothing special within this recovery since this is an unofficial TWRP, not the forked ones like PBRP.

As per the developer’s statement, this TWRP build is:

  • Having the proper codename for Redmi 7 i.e.: Onc & Onclite for Redmi 7 Global.
  • Built with the proper source code and correct partition sizes.
  • Having the ability to flash custom ROMs successfully.

Download the TWRP below:

File name :
Version 3.3.1-0 (20190820) | 2048 downloads | Size: 64 MB

The second build is by Melles.Android. His TWRP is also designed specifically for Redmi 7. According to the developer, this build mounts the system partition at /system_root as per AOSP standard. Moreover, the developer also claims it being compatible to flash most popular custom ROMs including Pixel Experience, Resurrection Remix, and so on.

You can grab the TWRP below:

File name :
Version 3.3.1-0 | 530 downloads | Size: 64 MB

How to Flash TWRP on Redmi 7

Flashing TWRP on Redmi 7 is pretty much easy. Nevertheless, we recommend you to create backups. No one knows what will happen. We hold no responsibility for broken devices nor thermonuclear wars.

Step 1. Download Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Driver zip file ( and install it on your computer. This step is necessary to install ADB Fastboot system-wide. Make sure you install it on drive C: and hence you’ll have C:\adb\ folder.

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Step 2. Download the Android Platform Tools zip file ( Extract the zip file as there is nothing to install here. You’ll just get a folder named “platform-tools”.

Step 3. Unlock the bootloader of your phone. Read the full guide on how to unlock MIUI bootloader officially here. Please be aware that the process requires you to reset your phone.

Step 4. Rename the downloaded recovery from (for instance) ONCLITE_TWRP_3.3.1-0.img to recovery.img file name. Doing so is easy. Simply right-click on the file and choose Rename.

Sometimes, if your Windows settings are like ours, you don’t need to type the .img extension. Here’s what we got:

Steps to Flash TWRP and Root Mi CC9 (A Complete Guide) 3

Step 5. Copy/move the recovery.img file to the “platform-tools” folder.

Steps to Flash TWRP and Root Redmi 7

Step 6. Next, connect the Redmi 7 phone to your computer using its USB.

Step 7. Choose the “File Transfer” mode if asked (do not choose the charging mode).

Step 8. In Windows Explorer, go to the “platform-tools” folder.

Step 9. Click on an empty area in the address bar of Windows Explorer, type cmd, then hit Enter on keyboard. This launches the Command Prompt window.

Steps to Flash Pitch Black TWRP on Mi A2 (jasmine_sprout) 3
Example Illustration

Step 10. Type following command in there. Hit Enter on the keyboard to execute each line.

adb devices
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot devices

The computer shall establish ADB-Fastboot connection with your phone. The displayed device code indicates its success. Furthermore, your phone shall reboot into the bootloader / fastboot mode.

Steps to Manually Install TWRP on Redmi 7 (Unofficial Build by Wzsx150) 4

You will see your phone rebooting and you will also see the Mi Bunny Fastboot logo displayed.

Steps to Manually Install TWRP on Redmi 7 (Unofficial Build by Wzsx150) 5

Step 11. Type the following command and hit Enter on the keyboard:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

The command installs TWRP to the recovery partition. The process shall finish in a few seconds.

Step 12. It’s time to reboot into TWRP recovery for the very first time. Type this command but do not hit Enter just yet:

fastboot reboot recovery

Step 13. Now grab your phone then press the Power and Volume Up buttons together while hitting the Enter button on the keyboard. Your phone shall reboot into TWRP.

Unofficial TWRP v3.3.1-0 for Redmi 7 (codename Onclite) 2

Step 14. Voila! Your phone is now entering TWRP recovery. You may need to do the “swipe to confirm system modifications”.

A Practical Guide to Flashing TWRP on Xiaomi Mi A2 6

Congratulation!! You have installed TWRP on Redmi 7 successfully. You’ll see the main menu of TWRP.

Unofficial TWRP v3.3.1-0 for Redmi 7 (codename Onclite) 3


Step 1. Boot into TWRP recovery (if you haven’t done it yet). Turn off the phone completely. Press both Power button and Volume Up button simultaneously. Skip this if your phone is already in the TWRP recovery mode.

Step 2. Choose “Wipe” from the main menu.

A Practical Guide to Flashing TWRP on Xiaomi Mi A2 9

Step 3. Choose “Format Data” then type “Yes” to confirm.

A Practical Guide to Flashing TWRP on Xiaomi Mi A2 10

Stuck on a Bootloop?

Some users reported a bootloop situation after flashing the recovery. This frequently happens on new devices running the stock system.

To encounter this problem is fairly easy. Download the latest No-Verity and Force Encryption Disabler here and flash it through TWRP.



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