TWRP Flasher Tool for Redmi 7 (LR.Team + Stock Mi Recovery)

TWRP Flasher Tool for Redmi 7 (LR.Team + Stock Mi Recovery) 1

Are you in hurry to gain root access on your shiny new Redmi 7? Well, there is a good news for you. The unofficial build of TWRP recovery is available already.

Thanks to a Chinese developer wzsx150 from LR.Team. He is popular for the quick release of TWRP.

His TWRP is an uofficial build. Hence, you may expect some bugs. However, all basic functionalities work just fine.

Two things make this TWRP build different from its official one. First, it has only Chinese and English languages. Second, its default language is Chinese.

That should not bother you from using this custom recovery. We have wrapped up a nice simple guide on how to change its default language.

LR.Team TWRP Key Features:

  • Automatic data partition decryption.
  • Support full-page card swipe.
  • Built-in advanced > root system / clear root function.
  • Built-in advanced > remove dm checksum and cancel the forced encryption function.
  • Root system, signature boot, remove dm check, cancel forced encryption, etc.

You can download unofficial TWRP by wzsx150 (LR.Team) below.

Download TWRP for Redmi 7

This TWRP is unofficial build and is for Xiaomi Redmi 7 (onclite). Please do not use it on other devices including Redmi Note 7 (lavender).

File name :
Version 3.3.0-0420 | 6163 downloads | Size: 64 MB
File name :
Version 3.2.3-0 | 4721 downloads | Size: 64 MB

Please be aware! No body forces you to flash this custom recovery. All the risks are on you.

You can also download the stock Mi recovery below. Just in case you messed with the custom one.

Credits and thanks belong to WZSX150 on MIUI.

Download Stock MIUI Recovery

Well, at least your not completely hopeless. Are you? This stock Mi Recovery will save the day. You can always flash it anytime you no longer need TWRP.

File name :
Version n/a | 2672 downloads | Size: 18 MB

The stock MIUI recovery is extracted from Global Stable Europe version. It’s in English.

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Download TWRP Flasher Toolkit

Flashing a custom recovery is not an easy thing for most people. It demands specific knowledge. You couldn’t spontaneously know the steps.

This toolkit helps you to cut the long way down.

Instead of typing the lengthily commands, you can simply type one key on your keyboard. This tool acts like a wizard guiding you to the right direction of flashing.

TWRP Flasher Tool for Redmi 7 (LR.Team + Stock Mi Recovery) 2

The initial version of this tool flashes either Wzsx150 TWRP or stock Mi recovery. You choose.

In the future we’ll update the tool to include official TWRP build.

File name :
Version 1.1 | 3709 downloads | Size: 54 MB

Changelog v1.1:

added new instruction to avoid TWRP replacing by stock Mi recovery
File name :
Version 1.0 | 1914 downloads | Size: 49 MB

Please note! Flashing a custom recovery needs unlocked bootloader. Follow our previous guide on how to unlock it.

Important notice:

Many recent devices will replace your custom recovery automatically during first boot. To prevent this, use the proper key combo to enter recovery.

After typing fastboot reboot, hold the key combo and boot to TWRP. Once TWRP is booted, TWRP will patch the stock ROM to prevent the stock ROM from replacing TWRP. If you don’t follow this step, you will have to repeat the install.

The key combo to boot into recovery mode on Redmi 7 is Volume Up and Power key. Press the keys simultaneously.

Tutorial: How to easily install TWRP and root Redmi 7 (using Flasher Tool).


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