MIUIMix v9.0 for Redmi 7 Onclite, A Base for GSI ROM

MIUIMix v9.0 for Redmi 7 Onclite, A Base for GSI ROM 1

Owning a budget-level smartphone is not a shame at all. Especially if you have one of the Redmi families. The awesomeness and popularity of Redmi make it incarnate to a standalone brand under Xiaomi’s umbrella.

Redmi 7 as the iteration of previous lineups such as Redmi 4, 4A, 5, 5A, 6, and 6A, is the successor inheriting heavy burden on its shoulder. It should be versatile as a smartphone should be, and it also needs to be affordable as what the brand is created for.

Our point is, it is indeed a budget Android device but it doesn’t limit your opportunity to having some fun with it flashing a custom ROM.

You can still be a flashing maniac even with an affordable Android phone. It is not a twopenny phone, however.

A senior XDA member PeppeCNN proved this theory thanks to its MIUIMix build. MIUIMIX is a custom Android ROM that can act as either standalone ROM or a base one for any other GSI ROMs.

The removed boot restriction is one of its best key features. MIUIMIX is short of MIUI Global Stable ROM but it is lighter and it comes with patched boot partition.

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Download MIUIMIX for Redmi 7

It is quite a fortune knowing such a great ROM available for Redmi 7. Despite its big file size, the MIUIMIX is a dual-function ROM. You can flash it and use it on its own, or flash it as a base to run another ROM such as HavocOS, Pixel Experience, LineageOS, and so on.

You can download MIUIMIX ROM 9.0 Android Pie for Redmi 7 Onclite from below direct link.

File name :
Version 9.0 | 845 downloads | Size: 2 GB

How to install?

Of course, you’ll need to unlock Redmi 7’s bootloader officially following this guide. Without bootloader being unlocked, you won’t be able to flash TWRP while it is necessary to flash the ROM.

You can either use the official TWRP for Redmi 7 or use this forked one, the Pitch Black TWRP.



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