15 Steps to Flash TWRP on Redmi 7A (Codename Pine)

15 Steps to Flash TWRP on Redmi 7A (Codename Pine) 1

Xiaomi is readying Redmi 8A along with Mi 9 Lite for its official release. Meanwhile, Redmi 7A is getting a massive discount in some countries. It is a good timing to get Xiaomi’s latest budget phone that simply works for day-to-day communication tasks.

Well, theoretically we are no longer able to call it as Xiaomi Redmi 7 and Redmi 7A anymore since the company has split the brand to its own child company.


Redmi 7A is still a more-than-capable device in handling most of common smartphone tasks such as voice communication, texting, and running most Android apps. It may struggle in running graphic-demanding games such as PUBG or Fortnite.

The most appealing part of Redmi 7A is undeniably its price tag. Its owest variant is available for around USD $100. In some developing countries such as Indonesia, the phone is even cheaper below USD $100 (below IDR 1,400,000.00).

We verdict the success of Redmi 7A will soon near-to its predecessor the Redmi 5A.

Specs-wise, the phone boasts Qualcomm SDM439 Snapdragon 439 (12 nm) SoC empowering an Octa-core CPU that consists of 2x 2.0GHz Cortex-A53 and 6x 1.45GHz Cortex A53 processors.

It is maybe a great time for you to hand on this device if you didn’t yet. If you have one already, we can say it as a great time for you to unleash its true potential.

How is that? Well, the first thing of course by unlocking its bootloader. The next thing is flashing a custom recovery, the TWRP.

TWRP is the world’s most popular custom recovery for many devices including those released by Xiaomi. Ehm,.. sorry, also Redmi.

With TWRP installed, it opens possibilities to customize your device even further. Rooting, flashing a custom ROM, flashing a custom kernel, flashing third-party tweaks, and so on.

At the time of writing, the official build of TWRP is not available just yet. However, the unofficial one by JarlPenguins does work as expected.


You are going to need these:

  1. A Windows computer either a PC or a Laptop.
  2. A USB data cable. Make sure it’s a data cable and not a charging-only cable. We recommend you to use the one shipped with your device.
  3. Download ADB Fastboot Installer v1.4.3 (zip).
  4. Download Android Platform Tools r28.0.1 (zip).
  5. Download Unofficial TWRP Recovery for Redmi 7A (.img).


It is advise-able to create a backup of all important files and data locally. We hold no responsibility for any damage that may happen to your device.

How to Flash TWRP on Redmi 7A

Step 1. Disable Windows Drivers Signature Enforcement on your computer. This step is not mandatory but is recommended to ensure the drivers being installed properly. We have the detailed tutorial here.

Step 2. Extract Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Driver zip file (miui-ADB-Driver-Installer-v1.4.3.zip) and install it on your computer. This step is necessary to install ADB Fastboot system-wide. Make sure you install it on C:\adb\.

Step 3. Extract the miui-platform-tools_r28.0.1-win.zip on your computer. You’ll get a folder called “platform-tools“. This step is important so that you’ll use the latest version of ADB-Fastboot software.

Step 4. Unlock the bootloader of your phone. Read the full guide on how to unlock MIUI bootloader officially here. Please be aware that the process requires you to reset your phone. All your data will be lost. Unlocked already? Jump to the next step.

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Step 5. Rename the downloaded recovery from (for instance) twrp-3.3.1-0-pine.img to recovery.img file name. Doing so is easy. Simply right-click on the file and choose Rename.

However, if your Windows settings are like mine, you don’t need to type the .img extension. Here’s what we got:

Steps to Flash TWRP and Root Mi CC9 (A Complete Guide) 3

Step 6. Copy/move the recovery.img file to the “platform-tools” folder.

Steps to Flash TWRP and Root Redmi 7A

Step 7. Now enable USB debugging on your phone. You might have it enabled during the bootloader unlocking process. However, it is a good practice to double-check it.

Enable Developer Options, go to:

Settings >> About phone >> tap the MIUI version 7x >> You are developer!

Enable USB Debugging, go to:

Settings >> Additional Settings >> Developer Options >> USB Debugging >> toggle it on.

A notification will pop up on your screen. Tap the “OK” button.

Steps to Manually Install TWRP on Redmi 7A

Step 8. Next, connect the Redmi 7A to your computer using its USB.

Step 9. Choose the “File Transfer” mode if asked (do not choose the charging mode).

Step 10. In Windows Explorer, go to the “platform-tools” folder. Hold down the Shift button on the keyboard, right-click anywhere within that folder, and choose “Open command prompt window/PowerShell window from here“.

Steps to Flash TWRP and Root Redmi 7A

Step 11. Now type following lines of command. Hit Enter every each line to issue it.

adb devices
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot devices

The first line asks your computer to recognize your device. The second line instructs your phone to boot into bootloader mode a.k.a fastboot mode. You’ll see the Mi Bunny logo displayed.

Steps to Manually Install TWRP on Redmi 7 (Unofficial Build by Wzsx150) 4

This instructs your computer to establish an ADB connection with your device while verifying any device attached. Second, this also reboots your device into Fastboot mode (bootloader mode). You will see your phone rebooting and you will also see the Mi Bunny Fastboot logo displayed.

Steps to Manually Install TWRP on Redmi 7 (Unofficial Build by Wzsx150) 5

Step 12. Next, type following command lines and hit Enter on the keyboard:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

The command installs TWRP to the recovery partition. The process shall finish in a few seconds.

Step 13. It’s time to reboot into TWRP recovery for the very first time. Type this command but do not hit Enter just yet:

fastboot reboot recovery

Step 14. Now grab your phone then press the Power and Volume Up buttons together while hitting the Enter button on the keyboard. Yes, it may sound impossible but a helping hand from your friend may help.

Step 15. Voila! Your phone is now entering TWRP recovery. You may need to swipe to confirm system modifications.

Your phone is now in the recovery mode. From here, you can create backups (a Nandroid one), wipe system/cache/Dalvik/any partitions, or flash anything.

However, rooting with Magisk might not work at the time being due to some reasons. Redmi 7A is a 32-bit system by the way. Topjohnwu mentions some issues related to this problem here and here.

Please correct us if I am wrong. Do not hesitate to tip us with anything. We’ll update this as soon as a possible root method appears.


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  1. Sorry mine is in always in TWRP, how can I fix it?? I tried to turn Off, Restart in every option but always come back to TWRP Recovery

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